High school teachers say it’s “white supremacism” to tell students to act in class


NS A high school teacher in Virginia posted a TikTok video stating that instructing students to act themselves in class falls under the definition of “white supremacy.”

“I said PBIS is white hegemony In a TikTok video in May, he said, “Hugs and many wanted to know more about it.” Those positive actions? And it’s like making sure you’re following the instructions, making sure you’re sitting quietly, making sure you’re in your seat, all of these are white cultures. Comes from. “

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PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and is a concept used by Virginia public schools to “support the positive academic and behavioral outcomes of all students.”

“The idea of ​​just sitting quietly, being told, and accepting things in a passive manner is not common to many. culture“Therefore, if you are actively implementing these actions, then you are actively implementing elements of white culture. Therefore, this is maintained. Whiteness In the center, it is the definition of white supremacy. “

The person in the video is like Josh Thompson, an English teacher at Blacksburg High School. According to Fox News..

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“Teachers have the right to have a personal belief in every department. program.. This teacher’s remarks do not reflect our PBIS program or behavioral expectations of our school’s students, “the Montgomery County School District told the press.

“MCPS has been using PBIS in our school for eight years. We are proud of our work at PBIS. This work sets the standard for socio-emotional learning and behavioral expectations in our school building. It helps to create, “added the district.

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