High security in Paris as Bataclan jihadists begin trials


Paris — The trial of 20 men accused of being involved in a jihadist rampage across Paris in 2015 began Wednesday in the French capital with high security.

On November 13, 2015, shooters with suicide vests attacked six bars, restaurants, Bata Klang concert halls and sports stadiums, killing about 130 people and injuring hundreds, deep in the spirit of the people. Scars remained.

Police guard tightly around the Palais de Justice Court in central Paris, and survivors and relatives of the victim hear testimony to help them better understand what happened and why. Said I can’t wait.

The accused appears behind a tempered glass partition in a dedicated courtroom. Among them was Sarah Abdeslam, 31, a French Moroccan, who arrived in court in all black clothes, including a black face mask.

November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks in a court in Paris
French police ensure security near a court in Paris on the island of Cite, France, before the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks in Paris, France, on September 8, 2021. Did. (Christian Hartmann / Reuters)

“It’s important for the victims to be able to witness and talk to the perpetrator, the suspect on the stand, about the pain,” Philip Duperon, whose 30-year-old son Thomas was killed in the attack, told Reuters.

Duperon, president of the Victims Association and testifying at trial, said:

The trial lasts nine months, with approximately 1,800 plaintiffs and more than 300 lawyers participating in what Justice Minister Eric Dupond Moretti described as an unprecedented judicial marathon.

The 20 defendants include 11 in prison awaiting trial. Six are in absentia — most of them are believed to be dead.

Abdeslam was widely reported to have remained silent during the investigation, saying that the survivors and relatives of the murdered people did not expect to hear much from him.

“What I care about at the trial is the testimony of other survivors on the terrace. [that were targeted by the attackers]Listen to how they have dealt with the past six years in the Stade de France, “said 48-year-old Jerome Barceremi. “I don’t even expect them to talk about the accused.”


Most defendants face life imprisonment when convicted. Other suspects have been accused of helping provide guns and cars and organizing attacks.

Responsibility for the killings was argued by an ISIS terrorist group that urged believers to attack France over their involvement in the fight against the group in Iraq and Syria.

November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks in a court in Paris
France’s Gendarm enters the Paris court on the island of Cite before the trial of the terrorist attacks in Paris on September 8, 2021 in Paris, France. (Gonzalo Fentes / Reuters)

The judge may read a summary of how the attack was unfolded, but it is expected that the plaintiffs will be registered on the first day of the trial and will be largely procedural.

Victim testimony begins on September 28, with a week spent attacking Stade de France and the cafe and four weeks on Bataclan.

Cross-examination of the accused will begin in November, but will not be crossed until March on the night of the attack and the week before.

The verdict is scheduled for late May.

More than 1,000 police are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the trial, and all who are allowed to enter a specially built court must pass some checkpoints.

“The threat of terrorism in France is high, especially at times like trials of attacks,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told French Interradio.

Tangi Salaun and Antony Paone