Hiker captures a “horrible but wonderful” video of two bears facing each other in an Alaskan park

Travelers doing guided hikes in Alaska Two bears met On their hind legs.

Two bears chased each other, riding on their hind legs and beginning to growl in Lake Clark National Park and the Reserve.

When hiker Alison Monda pulled out the camera, they were facing each other. A video show where hikers came to bears’ feet.

“It’s scary but great,” one said in a video post on Monda’s Instagram.

Monda said her guide told them to get closer to the animals before the encounter occurred.

“My guide wanted us closer, but in the end it was on top of us,” Monda said on Instagram. “I got a guide service to fly me to the bush plane and hike.”

It’s not clear Why the bear was acting That way, but they may have been scared of the planes that flew overhead in the area, Monda told the story.

“They took off one after another in front of us,” Monda told the story.

Hundreds of bears Walk around Lake Clark National Park and Reserve.The park Bear countryAccording to the National Park Service, bears and campers are often in the same area.

Tourists need to be vigilant, visible and make noise to stay safe near bears. If possible, hikers should change course to avoid bears and move in groups within a few feet of each other.

Collisions with bears, even minor ones, should be reported to the National Park Service.

“Bears and campers are more likely to encounter each other,” said the National Park Service. “But by following the basic advice of a calm and experienced bear activist, you are more likely to get positive results for both you and the bear.”

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