Hillary Clinton, who knows Clarence Thomas from the law school, says he is a “grudge, dissatisfaction, anger” person.

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  • Hillary Clinton said Clarence Thomas has been a “dissatisfied person” since he was enrolled in law school.

  • Clinton’s remarks were made at “CBS This Morning” in the discussion of the Roe v. Wade case.

  • She said he “signed” to the lower court to “find the case in the state legislature, pass the law, and prosecute.”

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Clarence ThomasShe has always been a “dissatisfied person” since she was with Yale Law School in the 1960s.

“I went to law school with him. As far as I knew him, he was a dissatisfied person.” Clinton said on Tuesday During an interview with Gayle King on “CBS Mornings”. “Grief, dissatisfaction, anger,” she added.

and Agree The court Overturned the Roe v. Wade case last week, Thomas wrote Regarding the judgment that empowered an individual, “all the precedents of this court’s substantive due process need to be reviewed.” Contraceptive access, Intimate gay relationshipWhen Same-sex marriage..

“He may be alone, but he’s signaling,” Clinton said of Thomas. “He has in the past signaled lower courts to find cases in the legislature, pass laws, and launch them,” she added.

Clinton argued that Thomas told the far-right conservative judge and state legislator:

“Women will die, Gale. Women will die,” Clinton said of Law’s abolition.

“I don’t care what party or religion you are — who decides the question? Is the government in your bedroom? The government intends to make these decisions?? We are just the beginning of this horrific tragedy that this court has inflicted on us, “Clinton said.

Thomas, his wife, GenieHas been criticized and faced for her role in the event leading up to the January 6th attack. Seeking impeachment..

The Supreme Court did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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