Himalayan avalanche in India leaves four dead, several missing

LUCKNOW — At least four people have died and several are missing in the Indian Himalayas after a group of 41 climbers were hit by an avalanche on Tuesday, a statement from the Northern India Institute of Mountaineering said. said.

A group of 34 mountaineering trainees and seven instructors were caught in the avalanche at 08:45 local time, according to a statement.

The Nehru Mountaineering School, a mountain school under the Ministry of Defense, said four bodies were found during a search of the area by state and national disaster response units and Indian Air Force personnel.

“The Indian Air Force is conducting aerial reconnaissance of the mountain where this happened. It is not easy to get to the scene,” Uttarakhand Police Chief Ashok Kumar told Reuters by phone.

Trainees preparing for high-altitude navigation have returned from the summit of Draupadi ka Danda-II at 5670 meters in northern Uttarakhand.

Saurab Sharma