His son was murdered in southern Los Angeles He says police officers are not yet the answer to the crime

Los Angeles, CA-June 21, 2021: LAPD members proceed along Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles.  (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

LAPD police officers follow Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

If there’s a good reason someone wants to make a city, in fact a country, more strict against crime, it’s William Goode.

Last Tuesday afternoon, his son Marcellis was shot on a sidewalk in southern Los Angeles, as friends and family believe. If you make a mistake in your identity.. An 8-year-old girl who happened to be riding a bicycle nearby was also attacked.

“My 22-year-old son was shot,” Goode tweeted at the time. “I don’t think he was successful.”

Marcellis was declared dead after a while.

Usually, Gude’s Twitter account is @FilmThePoliceLAIs full of footage he is asking when the Los Angeles Police Department is searching for a vehicle and securing a crime scene. This often causes Hollywood residents to complain about police officers who violate departmental policy.

But now, his tweets are primarily about finding ways to prevent other young black men from sharing their son’s destiny. In particular, the rates of homicide and violent crimes continue to rise both locally and nationally, and there is political conversation about what to do about it. It took on a new urgency.

“I want to prevent the next Marcellis from being killed,” Goode told me. “Adding another police car to the station on 77th Avenue did not prevent the murder of his son. By intervening in the lives of those who killed his son, he could prevent the next murder.”

Still, after months of protests against police atrocities, we’re somehow back in the 1990s-a wind call to fill American streets with police officers.

For this, we can blame Republican politicians and police unions. Republican politicians and police unions have taken advantage of the surge in killings to undermine legitimate efforts to reform police stations in large cities, mostly led by Democrats.

Of course, the proliferation of deadly shootings and other violent crimes is also happening in cities with Republican leaders, which began during President Trump’s inauguration. But still, Republican politicians and their union allies have not stopped claiming strict crime policies and more police officers as the only way to stop bleeding. This is a suspicious claim at best.

They demanded more oversight of police stations and insisted on redistributing funds to social welfare agencies, Like Oakland didMeans that Democrats are somehow vulnerable to crime.As the Fraternal Order of Police Recently tweeted: “There are people all over the country who are afraid of being shot. It’s time to get up and do #DefendThePolice.”

Unfortunately, President Biden took the bait and Plan to crack down on guns and violent crimes last week — A politically distressed movement given its defense of the 1994 tragic crime bill as a US Senator.

In particular, state and local governments have used funds from US rescue programs to hire enough police officers to reach pre-pandemic levels, pay overtime for community-based police activities, and intervene in violence. Said Wednesday that it could invest in.

“It’s not time to turn our back on law enforcement and our community,” Biden said from the White House.

Those were not the words many of the progressive Left wanted to hear. It includes Gude.

Like the president, he considers the increase in murder to be emotional and economic COVID-19 Pandemic traumaIt has hit the black and Latino communities in particular. Indeed, South LA gangsters have caused many of the shooting surges in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, 162 murders were recorded this year, compared to 129 in the same period last year.

But unlike Biden, Goode believes there is no reason to hire more police officers in Los Angeles. It doesn’t address the root of the problem.

“The underlying problem comes from the economic reasons associated with COVID. We need to address those economic reasons first,” he said. “If they want to add more police officers to increase their budget, it’s another $ 1 they can’t go to nonprofits or prevention programs.”

Crime intervention programs in particular, even such programs, are important to prevent the cycle of violence and retaliation behind so many murders. Receive far less money than most law enforcement agencies in California..

Gude uses itself as an example. Hours after Marcellis was killed, he told me, he was ready to commit the murder.

“I got in the car. I sent a message to my friend. I told him I needed three guns. I was going to find a person in charge. I didn’t want to live anymore, so the community I just walked around. All the members of the gang, I was going to take them out one by one. “

However, Goode said he went in the wrong direction trying to leave the hospital parking lot. Then his brother called him and asked him to go back inside. They talked and Gude calmed down.

“My point is, I’m a 46-year-old man. I own a pretty decent financial company. I’m a pretty modest guy, preaching to calm down and think through things under pressure. It’s a person, “he said. “I have a family. Many loved ones I care about depend on me, and even I was willing to throw it away for retaliation.”

He lives a much rougher life and asks what far fewer teenagers would do in that situation to live.

“Do you think they care if there are extra police cars on the street? Literally no one says it.”


A Recent polls Conducted on behalf of the Atlantic Ocean, it was found that 6 out of 10 Americans consider violent crime to be a major issue. Nationwide Homicide rates in big cities have risen Last year it was about 30%, and this year it is another 24%.

But in the same poll, 45% of Americans believe police budgets are flat, 39% say they should reduce city spending, and 16% say they should increase spending.

When asked about spending in their community, the breakdown was even more dramatic, with 51% saying they should pay the same amount to law enforcement, 33% should pay more, and 15 Said that% should be less.

Public opinion has been very stable since last summer. According to the Pew Research Center, 42% of Americans supported keeping police spending the same during a protest over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, 31% wanted an increase, and 25%. Said he wanted a decrease. ..

In other words, just because most Americans don’t want to get the police back, that doesn’t mean that most Americans want to throw more money into the police as a sort of solution to violent crime.

It’s not just Gude. California politicians in particular would be wise to remember that.

Fear doesn’t mean you need to double the strict criminal policy of the 1990s. It is possible to have safer streets and fewer police officers working for the reformed police station.

“We have to stop why people are gangsters in the first place. We have to stop why people are fighting in the first place,” Goode said. “You have to stop financial despair.”

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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