Historic Church of England launches drag show

England’s historic church hosts a drag performance for the first time in its 300-year history, justifying its move as a celebration of ‘artistry’.

St James’s Church in Piccadilly, London hosted a drag performance on March 4th, featuring former contestants from British reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. “As part of a mission to honor artistry and ingenuity in all walks of life, for the first time in its 340-year history, St. A big name in drag and some fresh talent.” Said about the event. A second event is scheduled for June 3rd.

In a recent “Thoughts of the Week” director On the church’s website, Derry Shurville, the church’s communications officer, says drag is “a refusal to dress and accept stereotypes about what men and women should be like, and I fully agree.” ‘ said.

Men who drag “are not imitating women,” she argues. Instead, they “reveal a side” of themselves while also pointing to the “ridiculousness of gender and the hard walls around it.”

Lucy Winkett, minister of St. James’s Church, was one of the first generation of women to be ordained in the Church of England. She is co-founder of Leading Women, a national development program for female clergy.

The drug event is the latest in a series of developments in the Anglican Church that have seen feminist, LGBT, and critical race theory ideologies being forced on their religious adherents.

Gender and Sexual Ideology in the Church

In February, the Church of England’s legislative body, the Synod, approved gay marriage for the first time in a 36-to-4 vote. Priests are now authorized to bless gay marriages.

Synod member Daniel Matov criticized the bishop’s decision to offer prayers to homosexuals.

“What I’ve witnessed about how the bishops have handled this issue so far is unfortunately a fiasco,” he said. Said During the General Synod. “The bishops say this is about people. It’s more than that. It’s about the word of God.”

transsexual god

The church is even changing the gender identity normally assigned to God in Christianity.

In November 2018, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, head of the Church of England, argued that God is neither male nor female, and that for thousands of years God has been characterized as a masculine identity. objected to

Church bishops are reportedly planning to do away with phrases like “our father” in favor of neutral or feminine alternatives. Many complained that characterizing God with masculinity was a root cause of allegations of sexism in the faith.

Racial Ideology in the Church

The Church of England has also been increasingly criticized for pushing the racial and social justice agenda. In 2020, Bath and Wells deans and chapters kneel in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

In January, the church announced plans to pay out £100 million in reparations to help “communities affected by historic slavery.” In 2022, the Church called for mandatory training in all parishes to incorporate anti-racist practices and the hiring of a full-time racial justice officer.

Journalist and commentator Calvin Robinson told the Epoch Times in May 2022: The theory is rooted in Marxism.

“They have dismantled our Western way of life and are against Christianity, against the family, against Britain and the West. People just think they are doing something good.” He said.

Robinson, a black trainee minister, denounced him to the priesthood in the Church of England because senior clergy feared him when he dismissed claims that the Church of England was “systemically racist.” I’ve seen routes canceled.