Hit-and-run in California kills three girls and seriously injures one

Lucerne Valley, CA (AP) — Authorities killed three young girls, two of whom were in wheelchairs, on Tuesday, and the fourth girl was seriously injured while walking in Southern California. I was looking for a hit-and-run driver. Desert highway.

11-year-old Willow Sanchez, 12-year-old Daytona Bronas, and 13-year-old Sandra Mizer walked down Camp Rock Road on Saturday before 10:30 pm on a white Chevrolet Silverado on their shoulders. I was attacked. California Highway Patrol hit them from behind the road.

The accident occurred on a road in the Mojave Desert community in San Bernardino County.

“My baby is gone. I can’t keep her anymore,” said Sandra’s grandmother, Tammy Midkiff. KNBC-TV.

Natalie Cole, 14, was hospitalized in critical condition.

“Her legs were amputated in an accident, all other limbs were crushed, the liver was bleeding and the kidneys were suffering,” her mother Sherry Orndorf told the station.

“You got your car, saw a dead or dying girl lying on the ground, and ran,” Orlandof said of the truck people.

Willow’s sister, Audoff, said the young people who spent the night at her house decided to go for a walk.

According to KNBC-TV, witnesses told their families that truck drivers and passengers stopped after the collision, used flashlights to identify who had collided, and then fled without calling 911.

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