Hitting the latest vaccine milestone, Biden pushes shots to everyone

Washington (AP) —The United States is President Joe Biden’s latest vaccine goal, 200 million COVIDs in the first 100 days after taking office, as the White House intensifies its efforts to inoculate the rest. We plan to administer 19 shots.

With more than 50% of adults vaccinated at least partially, Biden on Wednesday looks back on his efforts to expand vaccine distribution and access during the first three months of the White House. However, as everyone over the age of 16 is currently eligible for shots, the president is expected to outline his administration’s plans to further increase vaccination coverage.

With about 28 million vaccinations per week, supply exceeds supply in many countries as a limiting factor for vaccination. Studies have shown that vaccination hesitation has diminished since the deployment of the shot, but government officials believe that vaccination needs to be easier and more attractive.

It is very important for the White House to maximize the number of Americans vaccinated in the coming months. The White House aims to recover to normal before and after the July 4th holiday, and even by the beginning of the next school year.

Biden is not expected to set new public goals for vaccination, and government officials have been careful not to predict when the country will vaccinate enough people to reach herd immunity. .. The United States plans to provide adequate vaccines to all adults by the end of May and to all Americans by July, but their administration is another matter.

The White House has launched a large outreach campaign for Americans in recent weeks to get vaccinated. Relying on funding from the $ 1.9 trillion virus relief package passed last month, it launched an ad and funded direct community involvement in under-vaccinated members.

Biden set a 200 million shoot goal last month after reaching a 100 million goal in 100 days about a month ago. At that time, the United States was on track to reach higher goals, and the pace of vaccination accelerated to about 3 million shots per day.

The 100 million dose target was first announced on December 8, a few days before the United States obtained at least one COVID-19 licensed vaccine. Not to mention the three that are currently receiving urgent approval. Still, even if optimistic, it was generally found within reach.

By the time Biden was launched on January 20, the United States had already fired 20 million shots at a rate of about 1 million per day, causing complaints that Biden’s goals were not sufficiently ambitious. Was there. He quickly revised it up to 150 million times in the first 100 days.

It is Biden’s deliberate effort to set clear (and achievable) indicators of success as part of a low-probability, then over-delivery strategy. Aides believe that exceeding his goals creates confidence in the government after the Trump administration has sometimes made fantasy rhetoric about the virus.

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