Hoda Kotb says her engagement has been discontinued.

Hoda Kotb said in an emotional statement Monday that she and her fiancé Joel Schiffman broke up but would remain co-parents of their two daughters.

“Joel and I had a lot of prayers and really meaningful conversations during the holidays, and we decided that we were better as friends and parents than an engaged couple,” Hoda and Jenna today. Said on Monday.

“So, starting this year, we decided to take our new path as loving parents and friends for adorable and fun children.”

Hoda Kotb Jenna Bush TODAY (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)

Hoda Kotb Jenna Bush TODAY (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)

Hoda and Joel Engaged in November 2019, But their wedding Postponed for a few months For a pandemic.They were together for 6 years Joel suggested During a tropical vacation.

Two shares Daughter Haley, Who will be 5 years old next month, And hope 2, It was adopted in 2019, two years after adopting Haley.

Hoda chose to work on the situation in their relationship after saying that people asking why they weren’t wearing an engagement ring wrote to her.

“Nothing happened,” Hoda said. “They sometimes say that a relationship means that it’s there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and it feels like our relationship meant being there for the season. ..

“This is strange and annoying,” Hoda told Jenna. “I was really struggling with this, I was like,” What do I say, how do I say it? ” “

Hoda said he struggled with how to share the news of the dissolution after frequently talking about the happy aspects of her relationship, whether it was her daughter’s adoption or her engagement in 2019.

“The hard part, sometimes you just want to forget,” Hoda said. “You want to erase them, you don’t want to share them, because it’s not part of a pretty picture.

“But I think many women know how this feels at this moment. It’s changing the course of life. And I feel really brave at this moment. It’s kind of. It feels weird. Your life, you just have to tell the truth. “

Yasuda said sharing the news gave her a sense of security.

“And sometimes you can carry it, you can pretend to do things, and you are not yourself, and you ask yourself,” I’m just optimistic “?” She said. “Maybe I’m optimistic, and I may find that optimism is trying to put a circle in a square, and sometimes it doesn’t work. And that’s okay, and I can admit it and tell myself. I can do it. “OK, this is the way we are going. “

“What I said made me feel better. I feel better. I don’t think there is anything more soothing to your soul than telling the truth.”