Hole-in-one award winner files lawsuit after country club refuses to provide key to new truck


Best Award”Tournament of the CenturyThe prize at Morrilton Country Club was a 2022 Ford F-150 4X4 Super Crew instead of the $1,500 awarded to the top flight winner.

worth $53,595, The track was highlighted on social media A day leading up to a weekend tournament at a country club in Morrilton, Arkansas.

“A #10 hole-in-one gets the keys to this F-150,” the country club said in an Oct. 7 Facebook post.

So when Austin Craggett accomplished this feat by hitting the hole-in 1 on the 10th hole around 2pm on Saturday, October 8, he expected to be the big winner of the weekend. He played a hole-in-one ball and took a picture next to the track.

However, the country club and car dealership refuse to give him the keys. Craggett has now filed a lawsuit against both and his attorneys say he was cheated out of his winnings.

Craggett paid $375 for his team’s entry into the tournament, his attorney said.

Denton & Zachary, PLLC’s Andrew Norwood said in a statement: “Mr. Craggett has made it to the end of his contract because he has won a hole-in-one and Morton Country Club and Morton’s Jay Hodge Ford want to get out of the deal.” If you didn’t want it, you shouldn’t have offered the contract.”

In a Sept. 13 Facebook post, The Country Club said of Ford dealers:gave me the truck” at a tournament in October.

but, Statement on Facebook on Tuesday, October 11the dealer stated that the golf course track existed only for display and that the country club advertised it as a prize without their consent.

“Golf course management wanted to provide the truck to dealers as a hole-in-one prize during the event, but due to the lead time required to provide insurance, we were unable to meet this request. We couldn’t get a hole-in-one car,” said Morriton’s Jay Hodge Ford. “This has been clearly communicated to Morrilton Country Club management and the club has agreed that the dealership will only provide the new truck for exhibition/advertising purposes.”

Morrilton Country Club did not respond to a request for comment by McClatchy News.

According to the complaint, Kragett’s attorney said it was “clear now” that neither the Country Club nor the Ford dealer intended to give the truck to Kragett. They are accused of breach of contract by failing to transfer ownership to Kragett, his attorney said.

Only if ownership of the F-150 is transferred to Kragett, according to the lawsuit, will “cheat be avoided.”

Morrilton is about 50 miles northwest of Little Rock.