Holiday company launches legal action against travel list

People boarding Ryanair planes from Manchester City Airport

People boarding Ryanair planes from Manchester City Airport

Major travel business groups, including Ryanair, BA, Travel Business Twi, and Manchester Airport Group, have filed proceedings against the government over their travel restrictions.

They want more transparency about how the government makes decisions about Covid’s travel rules.

In particular, they want to know how it assesses Covid’s threat in the destination country.

Despite the relaxation of Friday’s travel rules, action is on the way.

The CEO of the relevant group said in a statement: “British consumers need to understand how decisions are made so that they can plan their trips with confidence, so they ask the government to provide data and advice to support their decisions. .. “.

Travel rules will eliminate the need to quarantine fully vaccinated UK residents returning from the so-called amber list countries considered medium risk from 19 July when they return to the UK. Means.

The· Signal system Rating the country as green, amber, or red based on Covid risk.

Red List countries have the strictest rules and only UK or Irish citizens or residents of the UK are allowed to return. You will also have to pay for a 10-day stay at a government quarantine hotel.

There are still only a handful of “green” destinations that tend to be small islands, such as Malta.

Major vacation destinations such as Spain, Greece, France and the United States remain amber.

There are less than 30 destinations on the Green List, but more than 50 countries on the Red List.

Travel agencies have long complained that they have little idea of ​​how the government decides on travel rules.

The group wants a wider resumption of travel.

Airlines and travel agencies say travel restrictions Has had a devastating impact on the industry..

Their proceedings against Transport Minister Grant Shapps were heard in the London High Court on Friday.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport said the traffic light system was aimed at managing the risk of new variants, adding that the Ministry of Transport could not comment on legal proceedings.

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