Holocaust survivors who hid underground and avoided Nazi capture died in the “unbearably cold” Mariupol basement during the Russian bombing, the report said.

A photo of Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova.

A photo of Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova.Chabad.org

  • Holocaust survivor Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova, 91, died on April 4. Jewish news.

  • Her daughter said she spent weeks in a “unbearably cold” basement while Russia bombed Mariupol.

  • As a child, Obiedkova was hiding in the basement when the Nazis conquered Ukraine in 1941.

Ukrainian Holocaust survivors died in Mariupol after spending several weeks underground in an “unbearably cold” basement. Jewish news.

Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova (91) hid under a heating store with her family when Russia relentlessly bombed her city, Jewish News reported.

She lived without heating, electricity and water, the media said. She said, “She was unbearably cold,” her daughter Larissa said. Chabad.org — Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic Movement News Website.

According to Jewish News, Semyononovna Obiedkova was bedridden due to illness and eventually succumbed to her illness on April 4.

According to Chabad.org, “Mom wasn’t worthy of such death,” Larissa said.

According to Chabad.org, the family buried Semyononovna Obiedkova in a local park before fleeing to a safe place away from constant bombing.

According to Larissa, the mother of her Holocaust survivor repeatedly asked her family: “Why is this happening?”

A building damaged during the battle can be seen in Mariupol, Ukraine, on April 13, 2022.

A building damaged during the battle can be seen in Mariupol, Ukraine, on April 13, 2022.Alexandre Alexandrov / AP Photo

To date, more than 21,000 people have died in Mariupol’s. Insider reported. Makeshift tombs are filling the streets, the report said.

When the bomb crashed onto the family, Larissa said her Holocaust survivor’s mother spent her last day comparing her trials to the Nazi occupation of Mariupol in 1941. rice field.

Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova spent her childhood with her parents.

Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova spent her childhood with her parents.Chabad.org

“Every time the bomb fell, the whole building shook,” she said. “My mother kept saying that during World War II I didn’t remember anything like this.”

This was not the first time Semyonovna Obiedkova had evacuated underground.

She avoided arrest during the Nazi occupation by hiding in the basement in 1941. Chabad.org said her mother was one of about 16,000 Jews who were captured and executed on the outskirts of Mariupol.

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