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Brian Sicknick’s girlfriend, a police officer at the late US Capitol, pointed Jared Kushner When Ivanka Trump Because of their role in the riots that led to the death of her partner.

Sandra Garza appeared on CNN on Thursday following a third hearing by the House Select Commission investigating the attack on January 6, 2021. Her boyfriend, Sicknick, was beaten during a riot, collapsed after returning to his office that day, and died about eight hours later. Medical officials said he was hit twice.

“I was actually more impressed with the first hearing with the many testimonies I heard,” Garza said. I’m going to the media. Go to the press. I’m going to stop this by screaming from the roof. “

“They knew Trump intimately. They knew how dangerous he was. And no one did anything to stop him.”

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper if he was referring to former President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Kushner, Garza said, “Of course, especially Ivanka.”

“That is, the family was decimated because of what happened on the 6th. People died because of what happened on the 6th.”

She is Kushner With testimony Aired at a hearing last week, he said he saw the repeated threats of White House adviser Pat Cipollone and his team resigning the day before the attempted coup as “whispering.”

“They basically had a conscience,” Kushner said, but Kushner turned it into a “whisper.”

of Ivanka Trump’s testimony, she said She believed in the former US Attorney General William barrDismissed Trump’s allegations that the 2020 elections were fraudulent as “random”.

“Tell Jared Kushner your thoughts,” Tapper told Garza.

Looking directly at the camera, Garza said: But you could have done something. It would have been possible to avoid the bloodshed that occurred, including the suicide that occurred later. People died. “

Mr Garza said Sicknick was a Republican and voted for Trump.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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