Home of Hate Climb in San Jose, where racists terrorize children in Chinese families

According to the man, the man was arrested in late March for screaming a racial slur at a couple’s six-year-old twins, demanding admission to a young family home in San Jose. Dion Rim..

An incident taken with a family security camera shows a man walking across the lawn, shouting something that is no longer identifiable before forcibly knocking on the door. Seemingly upset when no one responded, he could see the man walking towards the door and screaming towards the house before knocking again. “Open the door now! Communist China! You’re fucking Communist! This is America!” I heard him screaming.The kids inside didn’t open the door because they thought the outsider was the driver of the delivery. One of his sons asked his mother if the incident was related to the length of time he had been using the iPad. The mother lost her words accordingly, she told Lim.

San Jose police are investigating this case as a hate crime.Their parents, Huang and Im, had immigrated from China to the country when they were teenagers, Inn told Lim.“I said you didn’t do anything wrong, we absolutely didn’t do anything wrong.” Their mother, Inn, responded.The couple emphasized that they did not want their children to be injured and explained the combination of emotions ranging from anger to fear.“You came here out of nowhere to scare my kids. It’s not okay.” Inn said.Huang read the news enthusiastically and said he had never imagined that they would have a family during the 20 years they lived in the area. He explained that the couple immediately called the authorities.“I have to take action against this.” He said.The couple took action by creating a community that was attentive to each other, giving them a box of candy for their neighbors, and telling their family what had happened. According to San Jose police, the suspect was previously arrested for abusing his father. The couple is also asking him for a restraint order. Feature image via Dion Rim

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