Homeowners who fired AK-47 style rifles at intruders will not be charged, according to Florida police.


Florida homeowner firing an AK-47 style gun at a home intruder Don’t face chargesAccording to Chip Simmons, Sheriff of Escambia County.

“Will homeowners be prosecuted for shooting these people? Simmons said in a press conference posted on the ministry’s Facebook page.

“Homeowners are protecting themselves. In Florida (and) Escambia County, you can protect yourself.”

It happened July 7th, around 9:30 pm At the house just outside Pensacola.

A video released by the sheriff’s office shows three suspects. One has a gun. Went home Located on Pineapple Road, he pretended to be an old acquaintance.

But homeowners were skeptical enough to answer the door with a gun, officials said.

“When the victim unlocks the door, two men push him into the house and attack. The third man pulls his pistol out of his pants and waits outside,” the security officer said in a news release. Stated. “The victim’s pistol fell to the ground and was picked up by one of the intruders. The victim rushed to a room in the back of the house, where he had another firearm and began firing at the intruder. rice field.”

Eight seconds later, the video shows three suspects running desperately from home as the shots ring.

They scramble and slow down the driveway car that the fourth person was waiting for. In the process, the driver bumped into a mailbox, the sheriff’s office said.

Three of the four suspects were identified. A fourth person appeared in the hospital later that night, with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound injured in the head, and detectives are investigating whether the case was relevant, officials said.

Da’Torrance Hackworth (20 years old) and Antonio Dewayne Dean Jr. (18 years old) said, “Use / exhibition of felony firearms, possession of felony firearms, theft, massive theft of firearms, and robbery with firearms / “Home invasion,” said the sheriff’s office.

According to officials, the 18-year-old body was wanted on suspicion of burglary by firearms.

Investigators circle the fourth suspect in the video and ask the community for help in identifying him.

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