Homosexual Senator Tammy Baldwin said he faced Marco Rubio in the elevator after saying that voting for same-sex marriage was a “stupid waste of time.”

  • Senator Marco Rubio called voting for a bill codifying same-sex marriage into federal law a “stupid waste of time,” CNN reported.

  • He openly commented in front of gay Senator Tammy Baldwin.

  • Baldwin told CNN that she had confronted Rubio in the elevator over his remarks.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio openly calls a vote on a bill to systematize same-sex marriage into federal law “a stupid waste of time” in front of gay Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin. I was sick. ..

Rubio Commented on CNN According to the press, when he was walking on the elevator and Baldwin heard him.

Baldwin told CNN Thursday, explaining what she had faced with what Rubio had said, “I would have liked to take the elevator to see the exchange later.”

“The recent Supreme Court ruling has eroded the constitutional right to privacy. There are many endangered cases based on the constitutional right to privacy,” Rubio told Rubio. Said. Anyway, I said, “I’ll talk a little more,” CNN reported.

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According to CNN, Senator Wisconsin did not say what Rubio had said in response to her, nor did he reveal whether Rubio’s comments were insulted.

“We will not enter [that]Baldwin told CNN that he was “counting votes.”

The Baldwin representative did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment on Friday.

Upon arriving on Friday, a Rubio spokesman declined to comment, instead pointing out what Rubio had made to insiders on Wednesday.

Former Rubio Talked to insider Brian Metsger He did not vote to worship the protection of same-sex marriage at the federal level, calling the bill “a good waste of our time.”

Promotions to codify same-sex marriage into federal law come after the Supreme Court last month Overturned the 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade decision It gave the constitutional right to abortion.

House of Representatives this week Vote for the Marriage Respect ActWill codify same-sex marriage.

The bill was passed with a vote of 267 to 157, with 47 Republicans voting in favor. Democratic senators are optimistic that they can find 10 Republican senators to pass the bill to nullify potential filibusters, but are now heading to the senator.

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