Hong Kong bans flights from eight countries in the new Omicron outbreak

Hong Kong officials have announced a 14-day ban on flights from eight countries, including Australia, in the recent outbreak of Omicron.

Carrie Lamb, the leader of Hong Kong appointed to Beijing, has banned entry flights from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, the Philippines, India and Pakistan from midnight on January 5th. Announced on the day. Until January 21st.

This is due to the emergence of a new cluster of Omicron on the last day of 2021, when Hong Kong recorded its first local Omicron infection last week. Violation One of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in the world.

As of Tuesday, the city had recorded 114 Omicron infections, and the first unfollowable case appeared in almost three months. On the same day, a total of 12,690 confirmed cases were reported, including 213 deaths.

Lam said the epidemic in Hong Kong has deteriorated sharply in the last 24 hours. As a result, the Hong Kong government held an emergency internal meeting, believing that the fifth wave of COVID-19 infection was imminent.

At a press conference, she said at a press conference, “We haven’t seen the fifth wave yet, but we’re at stake,” and people are in competition with Omicron, taking timely steps to Hong Kong. He added that it could prevent the spread of variants in Hong Kong. ..

Epoch Times Photo
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam will speak at a weekly press conference in Hong Kong on January 4, 2022. (Bilcox / Epoch Times)

The government also banned indoor dining after 6 pm on Friday, January 7, and closed 15 listed facilities, including pools, bars, fitness centers, nightclubs, hairdressers, and massage centers, for 14 days. To do.

Major events, non-essential gatherings, and future cruise trips will also be canceled from midnight on Friday.

“The measures announced today can be explained as decisive in the two-year response to the epidemic,” Lam said. “We have also taken swift, accurate and ruthless steps to break the chain of infections in the shortest possible time.”

Last year, there was more freedom of speech in the international financial hub and further erosion of the press. More than 60 democratic groups, media and trade unions have been closed by the National Security Act enacted by the Chinese Communist Party in 2020.

On December 29, 2021, about 200 national security officers attacked the Stand News office, arresting six current and former media executives, and Carrielam was free to press in her city. He denied that he was “faced with extinction.”

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