Hong Kong crematorium is full and coffin supply is in short supply in the devastating COVID-19 wave

Hong Kong’s crematorium is reportedly full as the area approaches 1 million infections and faces the world’s highest COVID-19 mortality rate in the current outbreak.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam told reporters: Press conference On Wednesday, it was revealed that a new wave of COVID-19 cases and the resulting deaths are putting a strain on the health system in the region.

“Our crematorium is up and running day and night and is already approaching capacity,” she said. “Many people died in such a short period of time, which would affect funeral arrangements.”

The recent surge in Hong Kong became a hot topic after the local government first announced the results of the rapid test from February 26th to March 5th. 962,581 new COVIDs-19..

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong previously estimated that 3.6 million Hong Kongers, or about half of the region’s population, had been infected by March 14.

The recent surge in Hong Kong has filled the morgue, forcing the city to use mobile refrigeration units to store the corpses.

Most of the deaths reached in total 4,847 Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been unvaccinated and elderly people as well as residents of nursing homes. This total is higher than that of mainland China. 4,636 At the time of writing this article.

Very infectious variants of Omicron have become too numerous in Hong Kong “Zero Corona” StrategyThis includes blockade of the entire city, active tracking and testing, and other rigorous measures.

Beijing has a zero tolerance approach I will impose again In mainland China, it seems that the Omicron variant has backfired in Hong Kong, especially after it has spread to dozens of local senior care homes.

According to Lam, the strategy from the previous wave is now implemented “just unrealistically” due to the increasing number of cases.

“I can’t see the economy falling apart,” she said.

The government has been Relaxed some of its strict policies.. For example, instead of being sent to a quarantine facility or hospital, patients with mild cases can stay home until a negative COVID-19 test.

However, officials say these temporary concessions will continue until Beijing’s support restores quarantine and testing capabilities.

Featured image via South China Morning Post

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