Hong Kong leaders say Chinese patriots are now firmly in charge

Hong Kong (AP) — Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said on Monday that Chinese patriots are firmly in charge of the next city. Election of that new leaderBeijing ran without hesitation in the process of managing from start to finish.

Ram’s comment came the day after the carefully scrutinized Election Commission voted overwhelmingly. Approve John LeeA hardline security director who oversaw the crackdown on the democratization movement in Hong Kong.

The crackdown led to Beijing’s drastic imposition of national security legislation and the reorganization of regional parliaments. Later, political opponents were imprisoned, dissenting opinions were silenced, and organized opposition was subdued.

Ram, who appeared with Lee, said such changes were needed to restore the order and stability of Asian financial hubs.

“I would like to thank the central government again for taking decisive steps when Hong Kong faces an unprecedented challenge,” said Ram, who resigned after a single five-year term as a leader.

“It has enacted a national security law that will help Hong Kong transform from turmoil to order and improve Hong Kong’s electoral system to achieve long-term peace and stability,” Lam said. Stated.

Lee has won more than 99% of the votes cast by 1,500 members of the Election Commission.

China cited the need to restore order as a motive for Hong Kong’s political change, but the central theme was the demand that only patriots loyal to the ruling Communist Party could take power.

According to Lam, establishing a political system for “the patriots who run Hong Kong” is crucial to Hong Kong’s future.

Lee replaced Ram on July 1st for the past five years, the 2019 anti-democratic movement, the subsequent crackdown, and Recent outbreaks of coronavirus It overwhelmed Hong Kong’s health system and sent medics to Beijing to urge them to build a temporary quarantine facility.

The transfer of power will include the establishment of a new government, continued epidemic measures, and preparations for the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule.

Prime Minister Lee said he exchanged views on the establishment of a new government at a meeting on Monday morning, but did not indicate any new direction for the government.

Lee says he wants to secure Hong Kong’s position as the center of financial transactions while improving the quality of life of 7.4 million citizens, one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, national security concerns are expected to outweigh all other issues, fueling speculation about civil rights, freedom of speech, and the further deterioration of the rule of law.

Lam said her government “provides all the support and support needed” to support the delivery, ensuring that Lee “takes Hong Kong to a higher level in the next five years.”