Hong Kong Mars Mandatory COVID Inspection to Fight the 5th Wave: Report

Hong Kong is considering requiring all residents to be tested for coronavirus to fight the fifth wave of CCP virus outbreaks, local media reported Thursday.

The government plans to begin testing all 7.5 million residents for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus (commonly known as the new coronavirus) in March. reportQuote an unnamed source.

Authorities suggested that each resident would be inspected three times and would be fined HK $ 10,000 ($ 1,282) if they did not comply.

Hong Kong plans to increase its daily inspections to 300,000 by the end of the month, but due to the city’s low inspection capacity, some samples may need to be shipped to Shenzhen, China, the report said.

The standard also said the government abandoned plans to implement a district blockade to test residents for the CCP virus, fearing it would have a greater impact on people.

The number of cases per day in Hong Kong reached a record high of 6,116 on Thursday, nine of which were imported cases. according to To the Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday, Xi told the Hong Kong government, “We will mobilize all power and resources to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of the people of Hong Kong and to ensure the stability of society.”

In response, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said her government “important instructions … [and] As our current top priority mission, we have the primary responsibility to stabilize the epidemic situation early. “

“At this important time, we need to take advantage of the” one country, two systems “. And for this purpose, I submitted a report to the central authorities, specifically requesting timely support from the central authorities, “says Lam. statement..

Huang Wei Guo, a Hong Kong-based scholar who recently emigrated to the United Kingdom, Chinese Epoch Times Hong Kong, which follows China’s epidemic measures, will only lead to failure.

The Chinese administration has a “zero COVID-19” strategy that includes mass inspections of millions of people, mass blockades, and strict border controls to contain the outbreak, despite the rise in economic and food crises. Mr. Huang said he is maintaining.

He points out that China’s Zero-Corona strategy was designed in the past when there were no vaccines available in the early stages of CCP development, and this strategy would eradicate new, highly infectious Omicron variants. He added that it may not be effective.

“The Chinese Communist Party has transformed anti-epidemic into political propaganda, or a national battle that must be won but not defeated in politics. Things are raised to the level of politics at the level of medical and scientific knowledge. It is inevitable to fail when it is done, “said the fans.

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