Hong Kong online radio host jailed for sedition and money laundering


“Giggs” Edmund Wang Yuxing, the host of Hong Kong’s D100 radio show, pleaded guilty to one count of sedition and three counts of money laundering and was sentenced to 32 months in prison on 7 September.

On February 7, 2021, National Security Agency officials arrested Wan on charges of “seditious intent,” according to a police statement. Two years later, Wang appeared before Judge Adriana Noel Tse Ching and was sentenced to prison for four of the ten charges against him. The rest were kept on file.

On September 7, Wan entered court and waved to the audience. “Uncle Giggs, I love you, and we all love you.” With his hands on his chest and tears in his eyes, Wang bowed his head slightly in response to their encouragement. Lowered.

Sedition charges related to 39 radio programs hosted by Mr Wan between February and November 2020, allegedly containing “inflammatory” content, some of which “promoted Hong Kong’s independence” and others “incited to resist or overthrow the CCP.”

Judge Tse: ‘clearly ignoring the law’

Wan publicly supported the anti-repatriation law reform protest, also known as the 2019 Hong Kong protest, through his website and social media to support protesters fleeing or studying in Taiwan. called for donations. Authorities found “clear signs of money laundering” in three of his bank accounts linked to Wan, including funds in “unreasonable” amounts and multiple large-scale transactions made “without any apparent reason.” said there is.

Because all of his video shows were available to people around the world for free, Judge Tse said Wang had a broader influence than is seen in sedition cases involving the distribution of pamphlets.

Tse also said Wang had continued his sedition five months after Hong Kong’s National Security Law (NSL) came into force, demonstrating “clear disregard for the law”.

Commenting on the NSL, journalist Yupina Ng said, “This law has eroded the most basic civil liberties of Hong Kong residents, making it almost impossible for a Hong Kong journalist like me to do my job.” .

“Giggs is struggling with the whole legal process and is asking whether he should be a scapegoat or give his daughter a father as soon as possible,” pro-democracy lawmaker Siu Ka-chung said. Siu says Wang cried many times and believes Wang decided to “give her daughter a father as soon as possible.”

Considering Wang has already been in custody for 20 months since 2021, he could be released in two to three months.

Thump: Giggs case has chilling effects on Hong Kong

Mr. Samp, a political commentator and president of the Taiwan-Hong Kong Society, co-organized the D100 program with Mr. Wang. After Wang’s arrest, Sump said in an interview that the ruling was a blow to critics, especially those seeking to express their opinions on the Internet.

The case is also the biggest political investigation that has affected Hong Kong residents so much that they no longer dare to comment on politics.

“Wang was charged under Articles 9 and 10 of the Criminal Offenses for avoiding the use of the NSL because foreign countries expressed serious concerns about how Hong Kong applied the NSL. Even many political prisoners were not tried in the National Security Court, but the sentences imposed were very heavy,” Sump said.

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