Hong Kong police arrest five union members for sedition


Hong Kong (AP) —Hong Kong police arrested five union members in a children’s book that they described as thoughtful on Thursday, and courts raised national security as part of an expanded crackdown on opposition He refused bail for four editors and journalists detained for endangering. In the city.

According to local media reports, the five arrested are members of the Hong Kong Speech Therapist Association.

The association has published three children’s books stating that Li Kwai-wah, senior director of the National Security Agency, has an instigating intent.

The book features a story that revolves around a sheep village that has to deal with wolves in another village. According to the synopsis posted on the association’s website, sheep behave like strikes and boat escapes.

Lee said he mentioned 12 Hong Kong activists arrested at sea trying to escape the city after being charged in connection with a large-scale anti-government prosecution in 2019. Cruel, trying to occupy the area where the sheep live, and trying to kill them, “Lee said.

The 2019 rally for more civil rights and ordinary voting rights shook Hong Kong for months, often leading to violence between police and protesters. Beijing responded last year with extensive national security legislation, critics say, limiting the freedom promised to the former British colonies not found in mainland China.

The publication of such a book “brings hatred to government and judicial administration and (incites) violence against others,” Lee said. He added that the book is aimed at children aged 4 to 7 years.

Police also said they had frozen HK $ 160,000 ($ 20,600) in assets related to the union.

On Thursday, a Hong Kong court denied bail to four top editors and journalists from the now abolished Apple Daily Democratization Promotion Newspaper. They were arrested Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to collude with foreign forces to jeopardize national security.

So far, eight former employees have been arrested. Apply Daily shut down in June after $ 2.3 million in assets were frozen, police attacked a newspaper company and confiscated hard drives and laptops.

National Security Law criminalizes withdrawalism, destruction, terrorism, and foreign collusion in municipal administration. Since it was implemented, more than 100 supporters of democratization have been arrested and many others have fled abroad.