Hong Kong Police Force on Arrest in Student Group

In the screenshot of this video, Li Kwai-wah, Senior Supervisor of the National Security Agency, is hosting a press conference on a student group police arrest in Hong Kong on September 20, 2021. (AP via NTD)

Hong Kong — Hong Kong’s national security police arrested three members of the political organization Student Politicism on Monday.

The three were arrested on suspicion of a plot to incite destruction, according to Li Kwai-wah, a senior police officer in the police’s national security department.

They have been accused of using social media to set up street booths to spread messages that endanger national security, even after the National Security Act came into force last year.

Police said the message caused hatred of the government and urged others not to comply with Hong Kong law.

The student group, founded in May last year, is one of the few democratic political groups left in Hong Kong. Many political and opposition groups have ceased operations following the enforcement of the National Security Act.

Critics say changes in national security laws and elections limit freedom. Hong Kong was promised to last for 50 years after its 1997 return from Britain, which ruled the city as a colony in 1841, to China.

More than 140 people were arrested under security laws prohibiting withdrawal, destruction, terrorism, and foreign collusion to intervene in city administration.

Associated Press