Hong Kong Tiananmen Square Memorial: In Photo

Police officers guard in Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Officers have closed Victoria Park, where the annual memorial service to commemorate the anniversary is usually held.

Hong Kong people are celebrating their 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, but the method is much more subdued than usual.

Macau and Hong Kong are the only places where we can celebrate the anniversary of the 1989 Chinese military crackdown on democratic demonstrators in Beijing. The death toll is estimated to be in the hundreds to thousands.

However, Hong Kong officials have banned the event’s annual rally for the second consecutive year. They cite an ongoing coronavirus pandemic due to restrictions.

Officers closed Victoria Park, where annual memorial services are usually held, and turned on candles and telephone lights to disperse the crowd.

People gathering with candles near Victoria Park in June 2021

Far fewer people appear in the city than in the last few years

This year’s anniversary is the first time since the approval of a new controversial security law aimed at ending the city’s democratic movement and criminalizing dissenting opinions.

on Friday, Authorities arrested democratic activist Chou Han Tan, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance, which organizes an annual memorial rally for victims of the crackdown on Tiananmen Square.

Candlelight Vigil on Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary 2019

Aerial photographs show a large gathering at Victoria Park in 2019.

Victoria Park in Hong Kong empties on Friday, June 4, after police close

The park was secluded after police closed on Friday

Thousands opposed last year’s rally ban and destroyed barricades around Victoria Park.

However, this year’s commemorative ceremony is more restricted than ever. The new security law passed in 2020 will make it easier to punish protesters and reduce Hong Kong’s autonomy.

To commemorate the event at 20:00 local time (GMT 12:00), activists called for candles, house lights, and even cigarettes to be lit online.

Police warned that more people would be arrested, and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said citizens must respect the law.

People gathering near Victoria Park in June 2021 with telephone lights on

People gathering with candles and turning on cell phone lights near the park in the evening

Police detain a man outside Victoria Park

The officer is out and tries to disperse the crowd

Over the past few years, large-scale street demonstrations have been held to commemorate the anniversary.

Thousands of people participated in Candlelight Vigil in 2019. This annual event could be held.

Candlelight Vigil on Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary 2019

Large crowds usually flock to Victoria Park in Hong Kong to celebrate the anniversary of the genocide.

People gathering near Victoria Park in June 2021 with telephone lights on

But this year there were few people

In mainland China, authorities have even banned diagonal references to the events of June 4. Any discussion about crackdowns is censored online.

Taiwan celebrates this anniversary each year, using the event to criticize China and urge Beijing to embark on real political reform.

“All Taiwanese who are proud of their freedom and democracy will never forget this day, will not be shaken by the storm, and will stick to their faith,” TT said on his Facebook page. Stated.

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