Hong Kong top official resigns due to birthday party blunder

Hong Kong (AP) — Hong Kong’s top executives resigned on Monday after attending a birthday party with about 200 guests in early January as the city was fighting a coronavirus surge.

At least one guest later tested positive, and Secretary of the Interior Caspar Tsui was one of several officials and lawmakers ordered to quarantine after a party held for Witman Hung, the representative of the Chinese parliament. ..

Mr. Tsui did not say in a statement released Monday afternoon that he “set the best example during recent outbreaks.”

At the time, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam and health officials were urging the public to avoid large rallies to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I made the wrong decision to attend the banquet on January 3rd and took improper action when I should have made every effort to control the spread of the virus,” Tsui said. rice field.

“I am responsible for my actions, so I decided to resign from the Secretary of the Interior.”

Mr. Tsui’s announcement came hours before the upcoming press conference by Mr. Lam, who is widely expected to announce the results of a disciplinary action against officials attending the party.

Mr. Lam expressed disappointment with the actions of the officials and lawmakers in attendance and ordered the quarantined people to suspend their duties.