Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai among three pleading guilty to illegal rally

Hong Kong — Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai and two democratic activists have pleaded guilty to participating in an illegal march during a major anti-government protest in 2019.

A plea for guilty of participating in an illegal city-wide protest on August 31 of that year comes a week after Lai and six more activists were convicted in another proceeding over an unauthorized rally. ..

Other activists pleaded guilty were Lee Chu Kyang and Yong Sam.

“I plead guilty, but there was no doubt that I would confirm people’s right to a peaceful procession. I believe history escapes me,” Lee said.

In both cases, the statement is inherited later. The maximum possible punishment is 5 years in prison.

The anti-democratization movement in 2019 was stimulated by Beijing’s tense pressure on Hong Kong’s wide-ranging freedoms promised to Hong Kong when it returned to Chinese rule in 1997, putting the semi-autonomous city in the greatest crisis since its delivery.

Since then, Beijing has strengthened its prestigious control over Hong Kong by imposing rigorous national security legislation and punishing what it considers to be collusion with foreign troops up to separation, destruction, terrorism, or life imprisonment. ..

Proponents of the law say it has regained stability after prolonged anxiety in 2019.

Rye, the founder of the Apple Daily tabloid, frequently visits Washington to meet with officials such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to gain support for Hong Kong’s democracy and name Beijing a “traitor.” Prompted.

Other cases faced by big names who have been imprisoned for months after being denied bail in another case include collusion with foreign troops under the new security law.

His repeated arrests have attracted criticism from Western governments and international human rights groups.

The August 31, 2019 clash was the worst in Hong Kong, with police firing tear gas and water cannons at opposition to democratization who threw Molotov cocktails.

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