Hong Kong’s “Getting Darker” promoted to Deputy Commander by Security Chief, according to Chinese experts

According to Chinese scholars, the Chinese Communist Party administration is trying to transform Hong Kong’s semi-autonomous financial hub into another mainland China city as Beijing has set up security authorities as senior leaders in the city.

Chinese scholar and editor-in-chief of the magazine China in Perspective said the communist regime has replaced officials who are “strong orders, in other words, against Xi’s Hong Kong policy.” Said that. Under the thumb of the administration, it is transforming into another jurisdiction.

Mr Chen said that semi-autonomous cities have lost the independent legal system based on the British common law due to the history of the British colonial era after the enactment of the National Security Act imposed by Beijing in August last year. Said. However, Hong Kong has won its economic reputation on the basis of assessing the rule of law.

“Hong Kong has lost most of its peculiarities in the world,” Chen said in an interview with The Epoch Times on June 25.

On June 25, Beijing appointed security chief John Lee as the second highest position in the Hong Kong government. Lee is in charge of enforcing Beijing’s National Security Law.

It was the day after the final edition was printed by the local democratic newspaper Apple Daily. The publication was forced to shut down following a freeze on key assets and the arrest of an executive Lee accused of using “news coverage as a tool” to jeopardize national security. ..

Chen told The Epoch Times that Beijing “is rapidly transforming Hong Kong into another city in mainland China, with even tighter controls in some areas.” Chen interpreted Lee’s rapid promotion as a signal that the Communist Party administration would further implement its drastic national security legislation.

“Hong Kong is getting darker and darker,” said Chen.

However, former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin said Hong Kong’s “sharing” was “the first step for the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Next is Taiwan,” he told The Epoch Times in an interview on June 25.

The Chinese administration has long claimed Taiwan, a de facto independent country, as its state, using Hong Kong’s autonomy as a showcase and domination from Beijing under the same “one country, two systems” model. Is tempting Taiwan to accept.

When Hong Kong’s sovereignty was transferred from Britain to China in 1997, Beijing promised to allow Hong Kong to enjoy some degree of autonomy and maintain its lifestyle within the communist regime’s system for 50 years. Did.

But “Hong Kong is currently under control. Obviously, using power is the only thing [way] To deal with Taiwan, “said Chen Yonglin.

He added that clear US support remains important to the security of the island, and that “strategic ambiguity” risks seeing Taiwan repeat the story of Hong Kong. Chen proposed that the Biden administration make it clear that the United States will support Taiwan if Beijing begins a war.

He said Beijing’s next goal would be the United States if Taiwan fell into the hands of the communist regime.

Despite a stricter stance on the Chinese administration since the Clinton administration, Washington has maintained a policy of strategic ambiguity when asked if it would support Taiwan in the event of an attack on mainland China.

LouYa contributed to this report.