Hopeful Polièvre prime minister pledges to end carbon tax and limit government spending in elections

Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre plans to abolish the carbon tax and limit government spending with a new dollar-for-dollar law if he is elected prime minister in the next federal election.

“Politicians need laws to limit their spending. “It’s time for politicians to pinch their pennies, too.”

A conservative federal government “will require the government to find $1 in savings for every new dollar of unbudgeted spending,” Poilievre said. Said .

In his speech, he pledged to abolish carbon taxes, specifically referring to home heating costs, and lowering tariffs on fertilizers so that local farmers could produce more food.

“This is good for our environment, our farmers and our consumers. By driving production out of our country, we are driving it to more polluting foreign jurisdictions,” he said. I got

He also vowed to build more homes and made plans to bring in “big cities with overpriced real estate” terms that would tie the number of dollars provided for infrastructure to the number of homes built. rice field.

This will “motivate them to reduce costs and speed up construction permits,” Poilievre said.

The Conservative government will “sell 15% of 37,000 federal buildings”, many of which are vacant homes for telecommuters. Polivre said these should be sold and converted into housing.

“It warms my heart to think of a beautiful family boarding U-Hall and moving into a wonderful new home and former CBC headquarters,” he said in response to enthusiastic applause and cheers from the audience.

Countries need to be independent of energy to control their own destinies, Polivre said, and given Canada is the third largest supplier of oil on the planet, countries like Saudi Arabia He said there was no excuse for importing oil from abroad. He has promised to repeal Bill C-69, an anti-energy law to stop oil and gas production and many other extractive activities, if elected.

“We will build pipelines and approve more oil and gas projects. I support plans to more than double that production so that it can completely replace the incoming 130,000 barrels.

Among his other campaign promises, his party instead endorsed college education, endorsed more trade and apprenticeships, approved more natural gas projects, and legalized drugs. He wants the government to “significantly expand drug treatment.”

Poirivale said his government would “sue drug companies” for their role in the drug overdose crisis and make sure they “pay for full recovery and treatment.”

He concluded his speech by vowing that if his government were elected, it would stop targeting hunters and legal gun owners.

It’s not the Labrador hunters “targeting downtown Toronto,” he said. “In fact, we know who is doing all the shooting. …It is guns that come across the border from smugglers. It was brought in illegally.”

Poirivere said the Conservative federal government will defend the rights of legal firearms owners to hunt and practice Canadian traditions while pursuing violent criminals and criminals.

“What we are trying to do is get rid of these insane bail rules. is.”

“It’s common sense,” he said, adding that the Conservative government would “stand up for the public.”

“We have this elite group of people who think they know better than anyone else. , and sometimes ends in Davos,” Polivre said.

“That’s why I’m so proud of the promise I made during the leadership race, and we’ve kept it ever since. Not a single Conservative MP is on the World Economic Forum will never be the case again.”