Hospital investigating the death of the Big Brother Star

Nicky Graham

Grahame became famous for the Big Brother in 2006

The hospital, which was being treated before Nicky Graham died, is investigating the situation of her death.

The Big Brother star, who suffered from anorexia for most of his life, died on April 9, the day after he left Dorset County Hospital.

A spokesperson for the NHS Foundation Trust at Dorset County Hospital told the BBC:

“This is consistent with the standard procedure after sudden death.”

They added: “All information and findings from this investigation will be shared secretly with the Miss Grahame family and then with the coroner as part of the autopsy process.

“Trust staff were deeply saddened to know Miss Grahame’s death. Our thoughts are with Miss Grahame’s family and friends during this very difficult time.”

Grahame was hospitalized on March 24th and discharged on April 8th. She died the next day. The cause of death is currently unknown.

Nicky Graham

Grahame was described by Big Brother host Davina McCall as “the weirdest and sweetest girl”

If a patient dies after discharge or shortly after discharge, it is standard practice for the hospital to investigate the death.

Since Dorset County Hospital is a general hospital, it should have been stable when Grahame’s condition deteriorated.

However, eating disorders are usually treated in specialized clinics. Graham checked in to a private hospital in March after the fundraising page was opened and asked fans to donate for her recovery. In the end, it raised over £ 65,000.

Born in Northwood, northwest London, Grahame participated in the Big Brother 7 Series in 2006.

She became known for her tantrum, especially in the diary room.

She was very popular with viewers and was voted home four weeks after she was first evacuated. After that, she finished in 5th place.

Former Big Brother Presenter Davina McCall led the compliment, Tweet: “I’m very sad to hear about Nicky Graham. My idea is with her friends and family xx She was a really funny, cheerful and sweet girl.”