Hot “monk” model arrested by Myanmar troops for protest crackdown

Burmese actors and models were recently arrested by Myanmar troops as part of a crackdown on celebrities who supported their opposition.

24-year-old Paing Takahon was infected with the virus last January. A photo of him dressed as a hot “monk” Posted on social media.

Takhon had more than 1 million Instagram followers last month, and many of his fans came from Myanmar and Thailand. However, his social media account was recently deleted after being recently arrested.

After the Myanmar coup on February 1, the military began targeting public figures who criticized the recent change of power. Parents..

Tacon participated in both online and face-to-face protests. He was detained last week because of his anti-coup remarks, BBC report.

Before being detained, Tacon was ill and “Stand or walk correctly” For undisclosed reasons.He was also said to be suffering “Serious depression” His acquaintance told the BBC.

He was reportedly at his mother’s house in the town of Yangon on Thursday. Despite his weakness, about 50 soldiers arrived around 5 am to take him away.He said so “I’m aware of the results” In his actions he “I’m not scared at all.”

Takhon has been charged under Section 505 (a) of. Myanmar criminal law, by Reuters.. In this section “Make, publish, or circulate statements, rumors, or reports.” It could potentially lead military members into a rebellion.

According to the Guardian, the Myanmar army is currently looking for more than 100 people, many of whom are hiding. These people range from actors and social media influencers to politicians.

Burma’s Political Criminal Assistance Association (AAPP), a non-profit human rights organization, Claim As of April 5, 2,728 people were currently in custody, 38 were sentenced and 570 were killed. Many of them are held in private places.

The current location of Tacon is unknown.

Feature images by Paing Takahon

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