Hot sunny weather forecast for UK students returning to school


High temperatures and sunshine are expected during the first week when all students in the UK return to school.

Despite the end of the official summer weather, warm weather is expected to last for several days, with mercury floating in many parts of the country in the mid-20s.

However, the Meteorological Agency said it was still “touch and go” whether some areas would turn into official heat waves.

Temperatures are projected to reach a maximum of 28 ° C (82.4 ° F) in London on Monday and rise to 29 ° C (84.2 ° F) on Tuesday.

Liverpool has a maximum temperature of 23 ° C (73.4 ° F) on Monday and 27 ° C (80.6 ° F) on Tuesday, so it is expected to increase in the northern region as well.

Both Northern Ireland and Scotland are set to share comfortable conditions, with forecasted maximum temperatures of 23 ° C (73.4 ° F) and 22 ° C (71.6 ° F) on Monday in Belfast and Aberdeen, respectively. It has been.

According to preliminary data from the Met Office, the highest temperature recorded on Sunday was 27.1 ° C (80.8 ° F) in Wiggonholt, West Sussex.

Infographics explain what a heat wave is
Infographics explain what a heat wave is. (Infographic / PA graphic)

The warm climate follows the end of the official summer, from a meteorological point of view, which is believed to be August 31st.

It happens when children across the country return to the classroom after summer vacation. Many schools in England and Wales reopened last week, and students from Scotland and Northern Ireland have already returned.

According to the Met Office, the warm spell is expected to continue until Wednesday, and some areas are predicted to be on the “borderline” to experience official heat waves.

The location meets the UK heat wave threshold when recorded for at least three consecutive days at different daily maximum temperature levels across the country.

These include 25 ° C (77 ° F) in Central England and Wales and 28 ° C (82.4 ° F) in London and the southeast, which are predicted to exceed thresholds.

The warmest temperature in September in the UK
Infographic of the warmest temperatures in September in the UK. (Infographic / PA graphic)

Stephen Dixon, a spokesman for the Met Office, said:

“Some areas can reach heat wave standards, but that’s a pretty borderline, and the breakdown that’s happening on Wednesday will also keep temperatures down.

“So whether the heat wave is officially in the forecast will touch on several places.”

He added: [on Monday] It will be sunny in the mid-20s, especially in the south.

“Towards Tuesday, the warmth spreads further north throughout the country, and its warm weather spreads throughout Britain, bringing sunny and dry days to most people.”

According to Dixon, good conditions will continue until Wednesday, but “rain and instability” will continue and thunderstorms can occur in southwest England.

Mercury is expected to exceed the September average of 18 ° C (64.4 ° F) in the United Kingdom.

Mike Bedigan