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Joe Walsh Misses Carlson and Hannity for Fox News Disinformation

Former Republican used a hit on competing network CNN to criticize Fox News Former Republican and presidential candidate Joe Walsh continued to criticize his party and its media representatives on Thursday, competing network CNN Blame Fox News’s Tucker Carlson and Sean Hanity while appearing on. Walsh told John Berman, the host of “New Day,”: [‘Black Lives Matter’] yet? They can’t because they’re in a sea of ​​disinformation and conspiracy. People like John, Hannity and Tucker Carlson offend them every day. I used to be in that business, conservative talk radio. It’s all about offending your audience, and that’s what Tucker and Hannity and everything else they do. That is a real problem for the whole country. On Wednesday, Walsh tweeted support for a statement by former President Barack Obama in response to a guilty murder sentence reported to former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who killed George Floyd. Obama’s statement said black Americans like Floyd were “treated differently” than whites in the United States, and Walsh told 310,000 Twitter followers eight years ago. He told the former president that he would have “reflexively opposed” him. , He is now grateful for the Democratic perspective. Also read: Tucker Carlson’s College Yearbook, Harvey Milk murderer Walsh told Berman Thursday, “I learned. I opened my eyes. I was wrong. An African-American story. I understood why it was important to say “Black Lives Matter”. From there, the former Tea Party Firebrand was caught up in criticisms of Hannity and Carlson, who regularly face boycott calls based on the same issue. Walsh is with them. On Wednesday, the same day Walsh praised Obama’s statement, Politico Magazine published an opinion piece investigating those boycott calls. The author of the work, media writer Jack Schaefer, wasn’t convinced that the boycott wouldn’t knock Carlson out of Fox News’ Golden Time lineup. Avoiding legal issues that would ruin Bill O’Reilly’s reputation, Carlson is almost cancel-proof. Walsh pointed out that when he chased Carlsson and Hannity in a CNN hit Thursday morning, saying they were “offending” a particular loyal audience. In the past, much of Walsh’s public commentary on what he thinks is wrong with the current Republican Party, especially the rise of Donald Trump, has led media leaders like himself to “unqualified scammers for the White House.” I was concentrating on the role I played by putting. But it didn’t shift completely to find out how the audience was willing to listen to them.Former Republican @WalshFreedom: “I was wrong. I heard about African Americans. I understand why it’s important to say Black Lives Matter. So why more conservative Didn’t the factions say so yet? Because they’re in this ocean. Information leaks and conspiracies … “—Recount (@therecount) April 22, 2021 Read the original article Joe Walsh Makes Fox News “Carlson and Hanity” “Uninformed” at The Wrap