House Republicans Submit Bill to Force White House Financial Disclosure on Hunter Biden’s Art Sales


Republican lawmakers submitted a bill on Wednesday to force the White House to disclose financial information related to sales. Hunter bidenThe painting remains hidden from the original family and the general public, in agreement with the New York Art Gallery.

Prevention of anonymous income by requiring transparency of administrative kinship law or painter law, NS To fix ethics Government law requiring independent children of the President is subject to the same disclosure liability already given to the spouse and dependent descendants of the Supreme Commander and Vice President. The law requires you to report working income of over $ 1,000, honors totaling over $ 200, and gifts “received solely or in part for a relationship with the president or vice president of an independent child.”

“Under this administration, we witnessed a shameless attempt to benefit from Joe Biden’s presidency, which jeopardizes the integrity of the White House,” said Mike Waltz. Florida Said in a statement about his law. “Despite the Biden administration’s silence on this issue, American citizens are trying to purchase access to the White House through the” artist “Hunter Biden without having the established qualifications to guarantee such enormous profits. You have the right to know who you are. The Painter Act puts the transparency of the White House first and sheds light on the actions of adult children of the President or Vice President that can be used to influence the status of parental power. “

Ethics are crushed aside and Hunter Biden is expected to smooth with future art buyers

If the bill is passed, 51-year-old Hunter Biden may be required to disclose the sale of his paintings at a price of $ 75,000 to $ 500,000, according to a SoHo New York Gallery spokesman. However, the bill seems unlikely, as the Democratic Party, which spends little time on Hunter Biden’s art debate, dominates Congress.

Hunter Biden revealed last week Expected to get along with guests I met in person to present his work at a small event in Los Angeles and a large show in New York City. When asked if young Biden would attend, a gallery spokesman told CBS News, “Oh, glad. He’s looking forward to it. It’s like someone making his debut in the world. And of course, he. Will be there. “”

Development has created a whole new ethical challenge as the gallery previously vowed to withhold transaction records such as bidders, end-buyer identities, and amounts paid for artwork from the exhibition. The agreement is to keep the identity of the buyer secret from Hunter Biden, the White House, and the general public, but the execution of the transaction remains an ambiguous subject.

Hunter Biden will not discuss pricing or purchase details at either art show, sources told CBS News, but questions remain.

“Is Hunter Biden going to blindfold and roam the art show?” Said Walter Shaub, a former director of the Office of Government Ethics during President Barack Obama’s administration. “It just shows that the focus is not on government ethics. It just shows that the president’s children can pay for the presidency.”

Similar concerns were expressed at the beginning of the monthEven if the White House defends Hunter Biden’s debut art show.

“The first reaction many people have is to take advantage of his being the son of the president and want people to give him a lot of money,” said Richard, the former Bush administration’s top ethics lawyer. Painter is the “terrible price” of art.

“Everything is a really bad idea,” a painter who served under former President George W. Bush from 2005 to 2007 told The Washington Post.

The lack of transparency and the uneven background of the young Biden himself also raise concerns.

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“I don’t know who is paying for this art, so I certainly don’t know. [Hunter Biden] I know there’s no way to monitor if people are buying access to the White House, “Schaub said.

“It’s Hunter Biden’s surname that these people are paying for,” he added.

White House Supporting the formation of ethical agreements, There is an art gallery that sells young Biden paintings.

“The president has established the highest ethical standards in American history, and his family’s commitment to such a rigorous process is representative,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement earlier this month. That’s an example. “

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