Houston activists call for arrest of armed taqueria diner who shot dead robbery suspect

community houston activist Despite many calling him a hero, he is calling for the arrest of a restaurant patron who shot and killed a robbery suspect during a robbery, saying he was beyond self-defense. .

Customers were dining inside a local taqueria when Eric Eugene Washington, 30, walked in, pointed a pistol at them and demanded cash. Once he collects the cash, it can be seen in surveillance video of him getting up from the booth where armed patrons were sitting and shooting his pistol multiple times in Washington.

“He was within the law when he fired the first, first shot,” activist Quanell X said at a press conference in front of the facility. “However, he was criticized by law-abiding citizens lawbreaker.”

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Taqueria security video

Earlier this month, armed diners shot and killed a suspected robbery inside a Houston restaurant. Despite being hailed as a hero, some activists believe his actions should be brought to justice.

Washington eventually fell to the ground and died. The unidentified shooter has not been charged and is cooperating with authorities.

“Shooting is justified in Texas for self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property,” the man’s attorney said in a statement.


The armed diner has been hailed as a hero by many, but local activists went beyond self-defense when he fired more than necessary to neutralize a threat by Washington, who had fake guns. said.

Candice Matthews of the New Black Panther Nation said, “We don’t go over and over again to shoot someone who is no longer a threat.” “He was actually making justifiable killings clear by shooting him, just like the first time he was no longer a threat.”

The shooter fired a total of nine shots as Washington exited the restaurant. Washington was shot while on the restaurant floor after being disarmed. fox houston report.

“I hope the grand jury does something because if they don’t, the message being sent will be the Wild West,” Quanell X said. He should be charged,” said the man, who left the scene before authorities arrived and opened fire even though Washington was unarmed.

He said he did not condone Washington’s actions and that he deserved to be punished but not killed. said.

“At least, this is called corpse abuse, and it’s a misdemeanor in Harris County,” he said.

mother of washington, Corinne Goodmansaid the shooter should have ceased firing as soon as the threat had passed.

“If you had to kill him, I can handle it. I can understand it. He did something wrong, I understand it.” “But he was shot four times in the back and four more times when he fell. He abused him.”

A grand jury is considering whether the shooter will be indicted.

Washington had a long criminal record. In 2015, he was convicted of misdemeanor aggravated robbery with a lethal weapon, and the father of his three sons, to whom he was engaged, aged 62, was found guilty in connection with the shooting death of Hamid Waraich. was sentenced to 15 years in prison. report.


He will be released on parole in 2021 and charged with assaulting his girlfriend in December 2022.

“If the man who stopped Eric was about 10 years ago, I might still have my father,” Aman Walaichi, the son of the clerk who was killed, told the news agency.

“Eric was an evil criminal who took pleasure in harassing and robbing innocent families. Taqueria individuals are true heroes!” One Sean Walaich said. “He did the right thing in stopping the robbery and protecting the community from dangerous perpetrators.”