How a policeman saved a person by wrapping an 18-foot python around his throat

Courtesy of Elliott's family

Courtesy of Elliott’s family

A family of men who escaped the grip of an 18-foot python when a compassionate police officer shot the snake’s head say a horrifying test began when the man’s snake suddenly turned him on.

First Responders in Upper Macan Gee Township, Pennsylvania Answered Call Immediately after 2:00 pm on Wednesday I just found an even more scary scene about a person in cardiac arrest. A young man lying in his house had an 18-foot-long Reticulated Python wrapped around his throat.

Police officers approached the snake’s face, with the central part wrapped around the victim’s throat twice and once around the body. The policeman shot carefully, shooting a sly perpetrator in his head, and successfully attracted the young man.

Relatives have identified the Daily Beast victim as 27-year-old Elliott in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. Relatives asked to withhold his surname for privacy.

According to relatives, Elliott has been dealing with snakes since he was 10 years old and is an experienced handler. About six years ago, he rescued a snake from his owner and began breeding it properly based on his temperament and natural habitat.

“In many cases, snakes were ignored or abused and needed medical care,” the family told The Daily Beast. “He will provide it all.”

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<p>27 years old is an experienced snake handler.</p>
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<div class ="インライン-image__credit">Courtesy of Elliott’s family</div>
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27 years old is an experienced snake handler.

Courtesy of Elliott’s family

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27 years old is an experienced snake handler.

Courtesy of Elliott’s family

According to the family, the snake that attacked Elliott was one of the three in his house at the time. Elliott checked the animals and began cleaning the cage when one snake became particularly aggressive. Given that Elliott has been caring for snakes for a long time, his entire family is trained to respond to attacks and the home is equipped with the necessary equipment.

When Elliott’s grandmother came in and saw a snake wrapped around her fallen grandson, she immediately called 911 and then tried to follow proper snake handling procedures.

“This particular snake was aggressive and that was one of the problems,” the family said, saying the animal had previously been abused and malnourished. “It wasn’t responding normally, depending on how this snake attacked him and how aggressive it became.”

By the time the first responders arrived and managed to shoot the animals, Elliott was in cardiac arrest. He received emergency treatment and was taken to a hospital where he was in crisis and continued to sustain his life, his family said.

The snake was not shot dead, but was later euthanized due to its extreme aggression.

As Fox29 reportedLieutenant Peter Nikkisher was shocked by the incident and said Elliott would have been trapped if the snake had not been shot.

“I’ve been doing this job for 19 years and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this,” he said. “One of the executives described it as” just outside the horror movie. ” “

According to Elliott’s family, he strongly believes that only experienced handlers should take care of snakes and encourages people to recognize the care and expertise needed to bring snakes home. I am.

According to one member of the family, many find that they don’t understand how big a snake grows and can’t take care of them after they buy it.

“He just doesn’t want people to go buy these snakes,” the family said. “He wants people to be aware of the risks involved.”

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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