How American Jews Lost By Winning


Benjamin Netanyahu.

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NS President of Harvard University I am Jewish.So did two of his last four Predecessor.. He is the Secretary of the Treasury and the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is a Jew.Two of her were confirmed Predecessor In the previous position and two predecessors the latter.. Since the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there have been only two Jews in the Supreme Court. However, the loss is partially compensated by Merrick Garland’s position as Attorney General, the price of comfort for his blocked nomination to the Supreme Court.

The Jewish position at the top of the major civil society is a success story and a rather awkward subject. Of all the imbalances in numbers, Jews, less than 2% of the US population, occupy some of the most influential positions in American life. American Jews can be considered the successors to the 20th century WASP as a small but highly influential group defined by a combination of religious, ethnic, and cultural characteristics (” My last column).

However, the upward movement of the descendants of most Ashkenazi immigrants in the late 19th century came at a cost. The Jews smoothly moved into a position open to the pay-for-performance competition, but gradually lost the vitality that supported their success. WASP despite the decline to social invisibility Lost and won, Harvard, the Federal Reserve, and the judiciary have had a greater impact on American life than ever before. American Jews were defeated by victory and took over control of power, but abandoned their unique identity.

Despite the small population before the mid-19th century, Jews are woven into American mythology. Pilgrims and Puritans were inspired by the Hebrew epic of the Bible.During the Revolutionary War, ministers moved to 13 states Israeli tribe..As the elected people needed a new contract to become Unified country, Americans needed a new constitution.

There was an ugly incident Exclusion.. But overall, the Jews were better integrated into American life than anywhere else in the western world. The Jews responded kindly. Many rejected the traditional hope of Israel’s restoration to the land and accepted the United States as a new promised land. The almost religious commitment in America that the Jews of their first true home in 200 years could claim fueled an extraordinary record of creativity. American literature, film, music, and scholarship are unimaginable without the contribution of the Jews.

However, after the Civil War, there was growing opposition to the Jews. Increasing immigration, increasing financial role, and endemic corruption have contributed to the fear that Jews are a threat to America’s unity and prosperity.

Popular memories blame the growing hatred of Jews on lower-ranking nativists, but the new anti-Semitism was primarily an elite phenomenon. Faced with the challenge of their vision of revitalizing the country, WASP stuck to the Jews as different and worse American anthropomorphisms. In public, aristocratic reformers, including both Roosevelt, fostered Jewish support, but in private, neither may be welcomed. Upper class anti-Semitism, which intensified throughout the 1930s, was distrusted only by World War II. World War II exposed the world to murderous hatred with no American counterpart.

Among the Jews, WASP has created an awe-inspiring combination of charm and resentment.

For the small, mostly German Jewish elite, WASP was a model to imitate. Excluded from WASP schools and organizations, they “Our crowd“Especially in New York City, these institutions have evolved into a kind of parallel world. They even adopted the tradition of stupid nicknames, as represented by.punch“Inherited Sultsburger New York Times..

To immigrants and first-generation Americans, WASP seemed to have fewer models than other species. Athletic beauty, elegant informal and vague British accents represent a world they can’t comfortably enter. This tension was a major theme of American Jewish art. From the Marx Brothers to Malamud, Jews juxtaposed their self-deprecating image in a stereotype of tenderness.

Jewish scholars and intellectuals pursued different strategies. Scholars such as Daniel Boostin, Louis Hartz, and Richard Hofstadter have put together both Jews and WASP in an open consensus on liberal values, rather than distinguishing them from WASP. In their account, American history was defined by an agreement on individual rights, religious pluralism, and sharing of prosperity. WASP’s opponents of this vision were reviewed as marginal cranks, and optimistic Jewish liberals emerged as typical Americans.

The Jewish fight against WASP in the 20th century Netanyahus, Enthusiastic examination A new novel by Joshua Cohen. Inspired by a real-life incident, Plot goes to the fictional Corbyn University by the peculiar (and very realistic) historian Benjamin Netanyahu, best known as the father of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister. It revolves around visits in the latter half of the 1950s.

In Corbyn, Netanyahu is welcomed by Ruben Blum, who was given a job to be the only Jew in the Faculty of History. Bronx-born “Lube” is a literal “Zion” whose position in Corbyn’s WASP is already unknown and makes no effort to hide his intellectual arrogance, social vulgarity, and personal hostility. I’m embarrassed by my son.

Netanyahu is not just anxious because of his personal behavior. He defends a radically different vision of the Jewish future. Rube is on track to become an indistinguishable upper middle-class American, if not exactly WASP. Zionists like Netanyahu argued that this was the path to the death of the people, whether it was a gentle assimilation method or an unimaginable threat of murder.

Netanyahus He disregards this argument as fanatical, delusional, and vaguely malicious. But satire reveals that Benzion wasn’t completely wrong with the American Jews who eventually joined WASP in their academic and other fortresses and eventually replaced them. .. Although WASP has disappeared from the field, it has established a framework for cultural influence and social mobility that continues to exist today. The Jews prospered within that framework, but lost the features that once made us so energetic and entertaining.

So a book like a book Netanyahus It can only be written as a historical drama. As Cohen reveals, Rube joined the mundane people of WASP who once patronized him and eventually succeeded in expelling him. He has become a bit conservative and complains about campus activities. It’s a general orbit. Bloom’s career reflects two people of the same name instead of one: literary critic Harold Bloom (who actually hosted Benjamin Netanyahu) and political theorist Allan Bloom.

It is also a journey that could not be set in the 21st century. Formerly an outsider of academic and cultural establishment, the Jews are now standard and enjoy the nepotism and cultural friendliness that WASP once monopolized.Writer Ben Judah in an essay about Cohen I got it “The elite, the profession feels that there are WASP-Jews here in the northeast. This is, in fact, most of this generational relationship with our parents and ourselves in the New World. Is fairly well represented. “

The normality of American Jewish life fuels our obsession with Israel. Netanyahus.. The Jewish state anthropomorphized by Benzion himself is all about us WASP-Jews are not only colorful, proud and unconventional, but also a little uncomfortable with their delicate sensibilities. More than 50 years after the novel was set, the major factions of American Jewish life are now defined by their views on Israel rather than religious or cultural standards. We define ourselves in relation to something else, rather than using our resources.

Not all Jews fit this pattern more than most American Protestants were Louis Auchincloss. WASP Declining Bard.. Orthodox communities in both the United States and Israel are developing ways to balance traditional learning and adherence with modernity, which is inconsistent with the classic assimilation story.That’s why some of the most popular Jewish-themed arts of the last few years, the Israeli series Shtisel And German-American production Unorthodox We’ve been dealing with the Haredi community, which has received little attention in the past.

There are other stories to tell. Today, Asian Americans face many of the same stereotypes in the same institutions that Jews did a century ago. Liberal Jews are conditioned to consider themselves sneaky outsiders and are in the same position as country club eavesdroppers who have discussed whether their grandparents have the right personality to participate. Often I don’t understand what I am.

In the end, WASP chose openness, even if it meant the end of their hegemony. This is because, as consensus historians imagined, they adopted liberal theory and no longer had the energy for cultural and political achievements that could justify their privileges. There was no. Like the gentleman scholar of Corbyn’s School of History, American Jews are declining comfortably and meaninglessly.of Netanyahus, Roubaix’s daughter is already obsessed with changing her Jewish nose.Recent cases the study Yes, her children are probably not Jewish.

Benjamin Netanyahu would have said that the alternative to this fate would be to move to Israel. Rube Blume’s father may have urged him to stay in Bronx. Leaving the flashy colleges and lush suburbs to WASP, their ancestors treated our story properly and built their own country. Surprised and satisfied with our own success, we did not listen to either argument. That is the victory and tragedy of the American Jewish story.

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