How Cheap Chinese Tires May Explain Russia’s “Stuck” 40 Miles Long Military Convoy in Ukraine

As Day 8 Russian Ukrainian invasion Russian troops, which began Thursday morning, appeared to have tactically dominated the port city south of the first city, Kherson, but Ukraine is still working hard in Mariupol, Kharkov and Chernihiv. Heavy bombardment..Death is attachment On both sides.

I heard a big explosion overnight in Kyiv, UK Ministry of Defense Thursday morning updateThe body of a 40-mile long Russian convoy Advance in the capital Remaining about 20 miles from the city center, “I was delayed by the stubborn resistance of Ukraine, Mechanical failure, And congestion. This column has made almost no noticeable progress in three days. “

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby Showed similar prognosis On Wednesday, the “deadlocked” column said, “We haven’t made any visible progress in the last 24-36 hours from our best estimates.” Perhaps Russians are not only “reorganizing themselves and reassessing the progress they have not achieved”, but also “how to make up for the lost time”, but probably “logistics and maintenance challenges” and ” “Resistance from Ukrainians” is also the cause.

With Trent Terenko, a former Pentagon staff specialist Military history bloggerAs he explained, suggests that another big reason may be Russian tires A long, illustrated Twitter thread Based on a photo of the abandoned Russian Pantsir-S1 wheeled gun missile system and his own experience as a vehicle auditor for the US Army. “If you leave a military truck tire in one place for months, the sidewalls will become brittle in the sun and break like Pantsir-SR tires,” he wrote. “No one exercised the vehicle for a year.”

Karl Muth, economistA government adviser, and a self-proclaimed “tire expert” jumped in and agreed with Terenko, but added more details about the tires.

“This has a big impact on operational levels.” Terenko said.. “If the Russian army was corrupt and could not exercise the Pantsir-S1, they were too corrupt to exercise trucks and wheels. [armored fighting vehicles] “Currently in Ukraine” means that “Russians cannot risk off-road during the Rasputica / mud season,” he added, which is a problem for the northern convoys. It is a dryer. So we aren’t seeing this there. But elsewhere, Russians have major problems in the next four to six weeks. ” The entire Telenko thread on Twitter..

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