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Why women say they stretched their legs and armpit hair and “released”

Nikki says he had been embarrassed by others with his hair from an early age, but after years of shaving, the final hair growth on his legs and armpits was “released.” “I know it sounds strange because it’s not attractive to the majority of society for women,” she says, and she believes that beauty is subjective. She says. “My problem is when people are ashamed of it.” Watching the video above, Nikki’s decision to stop shaving her armpits and she gives her confidence. Ask more about why you say it. This episode of Dr. Phil, “Beautiful Rebellion,” will air on Monday. Check your local list to find out where to look. See: “Hate will hate,” says a woman who modeled the care of fashion dolls. PHIL YOUR STORY: Do you have a story in the news?