How did “Death of the Nile” become such a promotional nightmare?

20th Century Studios

20th Century Studios

For Kenneth Branagh Orient Express murder Thanks to the director’s follow-up, Johnny Depp, I was a little worried to see. Nile murder caseIt seems to be harmful. Branagh’s second adaptation of Agatha Christie, the film starring who is who the embarrassed celebrity. This is a collection of scandals that could easily (and to some extent predict) the mystery of the Hercule Poirot murder.

But in contrast to movies like Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald’s CrimeAmber Heard casts Depp despite allegations of domestic violence and a collection of scandals Nile murder caseThe cast seems to have been accumulated by an unfortunate coincidence. Actors such as Armie Hammer, Russell Brand, and Letitia Wright may all be soaked in hot water now, but each PR issue seems to have occurred after the movie was already in the can. (By the way, what happened to that “postponed” press tour?)

Nile murder case An increasingly afraid couple as they attempt to enjoy their honeymoon (her affectionate, pedigree-free husband, heirs as Simon Doyle, Lynette Ridgeway Doyle and Gal Gadot as Armie Hammer). ). The couple began traveling to Egypt with a few “friends” before boarding the SS Carnac. They all seem to have their own suspicious motivations and interests. Emma Mackey plays Lynette’s former best Jacqueline de Belfort, who was obsessed with Simon before Lynette wiped out Simon. Feared by Jackie’s relentless stalking, Lynette asks our favorite French detective to ride with a hilarious band of her suspicious friends and relatives. She doesn’t really trust anyone.

Shooting for Nile murder case Most of its major casts took place in late 2019, before making offensive headlines. The movie was originally scheduled to be released in December 2020, but has since been postponed until February 11th of this year. Meanwhile, the cast faced an almost unlikely amount of bad coverage.

The presence of a hammer may be the most annoying hurdle the movie faces.. Last January he was forced into an unconfirmed response Allegations of abuse from multiple womenDiscussed slave fantasies, cannibalistic fantasies, blood-sucking, and amputation, alleging actors.Powerful lawyer Gloria Allred Began to represent Effie, one of the Hammer whistleblowers, last year. Effie claimed to have been dating Hammer for four years, and in one horrifying encounter, “I thought he was trying to kill me … I was completely shocked and believed that my loved one did it. Didn’t. To me. “

Hammer and his lawyer, Andrew Brettler, have denied allegations of rape and abuse against him, which the actor calls a “random claim.”

In last year’s statement, Brettler said: [Effie]— And all his other sexual partners in that regard — are fully agreed, pre-discussed, agreed, and mutually involved. “

Armie Hammer’s Annoying Sex-Slave Instagram DM Sold As NFT Art

But, as Allred said at a press conference, “Even if a sexual partner agrees to a particular sexual activity, it’s important to emphasize that she has the right to withdraw at any time … the partner has some sexuality. Consent to sexual activity does not mean that you have consent to all sexual activity with her and should not be construed as consent to sexual abuse or criminal violence against her. . “

The hammer is reportedly A few months stint at rehab in December. He has been recast in several works since the cannibalism claim was broken. Shotgun wedding, OfferWhen The next goal wins..Disney first postponed release date Nile murder case In November 2020 due to a pandemic Reportedly Recast the role of the hammer or edit it digitally.But in the end THR The studio reports that due to the size of the ensemble cast and the ongoing pandemic, such an operation has been determined to be infeasible. Although the trailer released last winter seemed like an attempt to downplay Hammer’s appearance, he remains an important and constant presence in the film itself.

But it’s not just a hammer Nile murder case A star who has landed in hot water since the movie was released. The other half of the movie’s core couple, Gadot, Faced scrutiny for years Thanks to her candid position on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the actress and former IDF soldiers (in her native Israel are obliged to participate) when Israel attacked the Gaza Strip last spring. ) Is a problem that resurfaced when it echoed in the political struggle. “Israel deserves to live as a free and safe country,” Gadot wrote at the time. “Our neighbor deserves the same.” She later she was an actress As online Vitriol grew, we disabled comments on posts.

Meanwhile, fellow cast members Russell Brand and Letitia Wright have been accused of promoting an antivax view in an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Comedian Russell Brand has become a powerful voice for anti-bakers

On the YouTube channel, the brand that styled him like a “just ask a question” provocateur Spent months using his platform to spread vaccine skepticism.. He also opposed the mandatory vaccine, stating in a video: That is it. It tells people that they have to do something. ” (with him Evangeline Lilly, who recently posted about her decision to participate in the anti-vaxx protest, You can save these messages for group chat. )

I have a light Refused to share anti-vaxx views with a set of Black Panther 2, As described in Dispatching from Hollywood Reporter, We call the report “not completely true”. Wright was one of the returning casts when the production of Marvel’s sequel resumed in January.But even before the report surfaced, she Share video A video from Tomi Arayomi, leader of the Light London Church, entitled “COVID-19 Vaccine, Should We Take It?” Is false information about COVID-19, the pandemic, and the vaccine. It was full.

Initially, Wright didn’t seem to be worried about the backlash he faced on social media. “”[I]If you don’t follow the general opinion, but ask a question and think for yourself … you’ll be cancelled, “she wrote. She later added:[M]y The only intention to post the video was to raise my concerns about what the vaccine contains and what we put in our body. There is nothing else. “

Letitia Wright, Aaron Rodgers, and Hollywood’s innocent clown speak for themselves

The confusion surrounding the healthy part of Nile murder caseCast affects box office revenue (Dep’s presence certainly didn’t seem to stop) Orient Express murder from Become a top Fox player in 2017). It’s a little disappointing for this film, beautifully shot by Branagh, who continues to enjoy the role of Belgium’s greatest intellectual. Sophie Okonedo steals the show as Salome Otterborn, a bluesy jazz singer with a gorgeous turban collection and a perfectly camping 30’s droll. And Mackey, best known for playing Maeve on Netflix sex educationOffers a fun performance as the woman in this movie looked down on.

Then again, Depp was one of the crowded trains of A-listers, not a group of embarrassed stars that made up a healthy mass of movie ensembles. A mountain with bad headlines may not sink the ship, but there may be a lot of paddling in front.

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