How did Meghan confirm that he attended Prince Phillip’s funeral – a handwritten note about the wreath

Megan was watching a funeral on TV at his home in Montecito, California-Benverchar / AFP

Megan was watching a funeral on TV at his home in Montecito, California-Benverchar / AFP

The Duchess of Sussex wrote the card attached to the wreath sent by her and Prince Harry, and she in a small sense Funeral of Prince Edinburgh..

Megan, who is pregnant with the couple’s second child, wanted to attend the ceremony, Her doctor advised me not to travel.. A 39-year-old woman was watching a funeral on television at her home in Montecito, California.

The compliment of Sussexes was in a wreath of nine families in the Choir of St. George’s Chapel, leaning against the stalls on either side of the Duke’s casket. Buckingham Palace aides refused to provide details of other wreaths, stating that they were private.

However, sources close to Sussexes confirmed that Sussexes was designed and handcrafted by Willow Crossley, a Cotswold florist known for its natural and rustic arrangements.

A variety of locally procured flowers were chosen for their special importance. Some of them were selected from the designer’s garden.

Prince Harry and Megan have asked to include the Greek national flower Acanthus Morris, or Acanthus. To represent the Duke’s legacyErindium, which stands for Royal Marine, or sea holly. Campanula, to represent “gratitude and eternal love”; rosemary to represent memory. Lavender for dedication, and roses to commemorate the birth month of the Duke in June.

Photograph of Prince Phillip's funeral and military procession

Photograph of Prince Phillip’s funeral and military procession

Ms. Crosley impressed the couple with the decoration of an evening event at Frogmore House Following the wedding in May 2018 He was then selected to perform a flower arrangement at the baptismal ceremony of his son Archie and to hold a launch event for the Hub Community Cookbook at Kensington Palace.

At the time of the baptismal ceremony in July 2019, Sussexes had not announced who arranged the flowers.

Meanwhile, a Sussexes spokesman confirmed that Duke was wearing the KCVO necklet and star, Afghan campaign medals, gold jubilee medals, and diamond jubilee medals, creating a “unique connection” in shared active services with his grandfather. I emphasized. Including Combat – As part of the British Army.

He is a Navy officer whose Duke of Edinburgh is decorated and has a military history Straddled World War II, While including his grandson’s 10 years of active duty Two obligatory tours At the forefront of Afghanistan.

When they returned from Afghanistan, they said Prince Harry was urged to create the Invictus Games, one of the many military and veteran organizations he continues to work with and support.

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