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Syrian Chemistry-Attack Rejectors Allow Links to WikiLeaks and Russia

According to an email seen by The Daily Beast, a group of British scholars Anas Alkharboutli / GettyA worked to undermine evidence that Bashar al-Assad was using chemical weapons against his people. In addition, he was in secret contact with Russian diplomats at four separate embassies. Acquired as part of a sting operation by one of the groups disclosed by the BBC and The Times of London last month. Paul McKeigue, a professor of genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics at St. John’s Land, School of Medicine, shares the internal workings of so-called working groups on Syria, publicity, and the media by email from someone who calls himself “Ivan.” I was deceived by that. The working group consists of a small number of university professors (without Syrian or Middle Eastern expertise) who have spent years suggesting that the Assad regime is being assembled for elaborate war crimes. A conspiracy consisting of Syrian rebels, White Helmets rescue workers, and US and British intelligence agencies. In addition, the Working Group claims that the plot was systematically washed away through journalists, scholars, and human rights workers who believed they were agents of the CIA or MI6. Some of these completely unproven theories have been enthusiastically featured on social media and Assad’s war crimes. In a clear effort to promote conspiracy theory, McCaig was very happy to clash with someone he thought was one of the Vladimirputin spies. Senate Information Subcommittee reports working in Russian national media and WikiLeaks “very likely to have known that it was influencing Russian intelligence” during the 2016 US presidential election. The journalist who was. It helped to secure free legal advice from Melinda Taylor, one of Julian Assange’s private lawyers. Taylor has been in contact with British epidemiologists since at least September 2019, when he sent a long memorandum of legal advice detailing how to file a proceeding against the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). I did. Enforce a global ban on the stockpiling and use of chemical weapons such as salingus, which suffocates victims of drooling and vomiting. It means a frivolous or harassing proceeding. Taylor said he provided him with a memorandum of understanding, pro bono, to advance inappropriate claims among OPCW members. According to the email, the memorandum of advice led to representing Taylor’s husband, Jeffrey Roberts, and former OPCW employee Brendan Welan. He criticized the group’s investigation for fraud and leaked material to WikiLeaks. McCaig told Ivan that he could reach Welan via Alexander Shulgin, the Dutch ambassador to Russia and the Permanent Representative of the OPCW. “McCaig wrote. “So if you want someone to introduce you to Melinda (for one of the diplomats, it’s not a secret role) [Taylor] And Jeff [Roberts], This will be a possible route. Brendan knows them better than I do. McCaig, Taylor and Roberts declined to comment on The Daily Beast. The email states that Taylor had contacted McCaig to discuss the secret location of the NGO International Justice and the Accountability Commission (CIJA). It is a compilation of evidence of war crimes in Syria committed by the Assad regime and ISIS. Some of their evidence was used to prosecute Germany’s first successful Syrian war crimes. When frustrated by the working group’s insistence on weakening evidence against Assad, it was CIJA who coordinated the puncture wound on McCaig. CIJA has been running an “Ivan” account all the time. In communications gathered by NGOs, McKeigue said about his presumed Russian intelligence contact “complex communications line” between the working group and a network of Russian Foreign Ministry officials at four separate embassies around. I outlined it. World: The Hague, New York, London, Geneva. Russian diplomats are members of the Working Group for a presentation at the January 2020 Aria Official Conference of the UN Security Council convened by Russia to take a skeptical view of OPCW’s still pending investigation. He said he was in contact with. He personally worked with Stepan Ankeif, an employee of the Russian Embassy in London, to implement the plan, and working group associates kept in touch with other Russian diplomats in other countries. “But in the end everything went well,” McCaig wrote. “The only other diplomatic communication we have made is with Sergei Kurtskik in Geneva. He is Vanessa’s contact, but occasionally passed information to the working group through peers.” “Pier “” Refers to Pears Robinson, the founder and candid of the Working Group. Twitter Syrian commentator. “Vanessa” is Vanessa Beeley, perhaps the most prominent and controversial member of the working group. Beeley, a former waste management consultant who turned into a blogger, became a fixture of the Russian government’s English-promotion network, RT, because she was willing to add all sorts of unfounded and imaginative claims about the Syrian conflict. .. She has repeatedly accused White Helmets internationally. A rescue organization funded by the staging of a chemical attack in Syria caused by the Assad regime. Sergei Kurzkeef, the alleged Swiss contact between Beeley and Robinson, is the secretary of Russia’s mission at the United Nations. He is also the son of the more famous Russian diplomat Andrey Kurtzkeef, who was appointed earlier last year as the first director of the newly appointed International Information Security Division of the Russian Foreign Ministry to coordinate with European countries on cybersecurity. There is. His supposed Russian handler for working with national media employees on the Kremlin-funded German-based streaming video platform Ruptly. Through an interview conducted by Ruptly staff on the ground in Syria. McCaig gave details to “Ivan” despite the obvious threat to these people. After a while, McCaig decided that his contact at Luptry was not sufficiently loyal to the cause and asked “Ivan” to investigate him. The disclosure that CIJA director Nerma Gerasic Russian diplomat and state media are working with the working group explains why this otherwise ambiguous collection of scholars could make headlines. Foreign relations members and Stingop members told The Daily Beast that it was useful for the world. “These networks would have been just a bunch of ideologies and conspirators left behind,” Jurassic added. “Russia’s disinformation campaign on Syria would be far less effective if it had to rely solely on statements from Russia’s foreign countries and ministries. More than Western scholars and self-proclaimed” insiders “said. .. Communication with McCaig’s “Ivan” was passed to British authorities. The University of Edinburgh continues to argue that his commentary on Syria was made as a civilian, not on behalf of the institution. Kristyan Benedict, Amnesty International’s UK campaign manager, told The Daily Beast: “Syrian victims and their families who have endured many horrors. [deserve justice].. These individuals are, very shamefully, trying to deny these rights to the Syrians. 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