How do you look at Apple Developer Conference WWDC21? have what?

Apple WWDC21

Apple WWDC21

At 1 o’clock tonight is the launch time of Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC21. What kind of event is this? How can we participate? What is worth paying attention to? Let us introduce it to you first. WWDC21 is the second time that Apple has conducted a completely online and completely free developer conference. Developers from all over the world are welcome to participate in Apple systems and software. Apple will prepare a series of important news to announce on the main stage, including the expected content of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15, and the next version of macOS. This year, there are even indications that a new homeOS will be launched.

In addition to the software, because Apple now also has its own Apple Silicon chip, everyone will also expect that they will reveal news about the new processor at WWDC21, especially the current 16-inch Mac Pro and MacBook Pro for high-end users. The M1 processor has not yet been upgraded, so I also look forward to whether there will be enhanced processors such as M1X and M2.

Apple is also very interested in the participation of major players, so it also provides live broadcasts on Apple’s official website, YouTube and other places, and everyone can watch it on different devices and platforms. But there is so much content at the event, what should I do if I accidentally lose my mind? Don’t worry, our Engadget China editors will organize the content for you, so that even if you miss the live broadcast, you can read our articles!

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