How does this happen?Aaron Rodgers wasn’t vaccinated and the NFL let him play anyway

El Quarterback de los Packers de Green Bay Aaron Rodgers (12) Arizona Cardinals de Arizona, El Jewels, October 28, 2021, Glendale, Arizona.  (AP Foto / Rick Scuteri)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers against Arizona Cardinals last week. In August, he said he was “immunized.” The author found it strange to use instead of “vaccination”. (Rick Scutelli / Associated Press)

As a lifetime fan and partial owner of the Green Bay Packers ( Other 360,000 fans), I was devastated Wednesday morning when I heard that Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 and he wasn’t vaccinated either.

The news of the latter is very disappointing, not just because it was able to effectively end our wonderful season (unvaccinated people, Get vaccinated and get a breakthrough infection), But also question the team’s leadership (quarterbacks, coaches, owners, NFL) that they don’t need vaccination before the start of the season.

I remember hearing Rogers’ press conference in August, before the season began. He said he would use the strange word “immunized” instead of “vaccination,” but soon followed. Said not to “judgment” unvaccinated athletes.. Throughout my marriage, I turned to my husband, who is a fan of Packers, and said: It was just that I missed the opportunity to exercise leadership on the spot. If he is vaccinated, he should say it and encourage his teammates to do so.

ESPN’s Rogers to NFL Wednesday morning before training camp Alternative treatment It counts as a vaccination. The NFL rejected his request and considered him unvaccinated from the beginning of the season.

What is behind his decision not to be vaccinated is not yet clear. Unless he’s afraid of needles, I’m starting to think it’s an invincible sensation, but whether you’re young, old, or a world-class athlete, the virus doesn’t care. It is not killed by green juice smoothies or veganism. It can destroy your healthy body, 750,000 people have died in this country 5 million people worldwide.. Those are facts.

Therefore, the NFL has a lot to explain. Why was he allowed to put his fellow teammates and coaches at risk when he knew he wasn’t vaccinated? Why doesn’t the NFL require vaccination in sports that rely on athletes to keep their body and health in the best possible condition? Vaccines are a common sense precaution. Even the NBA is definitely more rigorous. 1 month ago The league has agreed to dock the wages of unvaccinated players Pandemic precautions forced me to sit in some cities, NFL players are only at risk of losing wages If the unvaccinated status leads to a canceled game and the schedule cannot be changed.

Of course, I hope Rogers will recover quickly. I’m not just saying that as someone who is proud to wear a jersey in every match. Growing up in Milwaukee, I always lived for the Packers.I became one of the many owners of the league in it Unique public non-profit model When my husband gave me a Christmas share in 2011, just before our eldest daughter was born.

But my team’s loyalty made me mislead the public by making stupid and selfish choices when quarterbacks weren’t vaccinated, and his claim of being immunized. Don’t blind me. In a public health crisis, the choice of a person not to vaccinate puts others at risk, helping the virus to continue and mutate into deadly strains. I don’t remember seeing Rogers wearing a mask after the match. Interviewed with a reporter..But I remember seeing his photos and videos This Halloween weekend party, Maskless, with other players on his team. Did they know he wasn’t vaccinated?Jordan Love, a two-string quarterback, is tasked with leading a team to face AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday. At that party allegedly..And our Third string quarterback is also included in the COVID-19 listAdd to the uncertainty of the season if love falls.

At a press conference Wednesday morning, Packers coach Matt LaFleur avoided important questions. “”Does not enter the vaccination status of athletes or coaches,” He said.

Well, someone must have.

Carrie Friedman is a freelance writer in Los Angeles.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..