How Joel Greenberg’s Judicial Transactions Cause Problems for Matt Gaetz

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty / Photo by AP

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty / Photo by AP

A plane flew over a federal court near Orlando when Matt Gaetz’s former “wingman” Joel Greenberg pleaded guilty to six federal crimes on Monday.

Gates, Under investigation reportedly The same claim at the heart of Greenberg’s accusation, the sexual trafficking of a 17-year-old girl, was not mentioned by name in Greenberg’s 86-page judicial transaction. But even without Gates’ name, court documents spell out the potential fate of Florida legislators.Number of problematic details Greenberg judicial transaction May point to Gates — especially if you know where to look.

The most important Gates problem is 17 year old girl The problem may be working with an investigator.

by PleaAfter learning that an investigator was investigating “commercial sexual activity” with a minor, Greenberg contacted the girl to lie about why she looked up her in the Florida DMV database.

“Greenberg contacted minors directly and through one of their friends to tell them why they were lying and why Greenberg investigated them. [DMV] The system was because the miner asked him to do so, which wasn’t true, as Greenberg knew, “says the court document. “Greenberg also asked Miner for help in getting their story together because he knew that commercial sexual activity with her was illegal.”

Not only does this show that the former teen is working with an investigator, but another that helped introduce one of her friends (a minor at the time to Greenberg and his friends). Girl) also suggests that they may be cooperating.

The judicial deal also mentions that when Greenberg first met a minor at the time (on his boat in the spring of 2017), the two weren’t having sex. It seems unlikely that the prosecutor would accept Greenberg in his words alone about the claim, further increasing the likelihood that the woman is working with the investigator.

If that is true and Greenberg’s claim is accurate, Gates can be ruined.

The most direct and abominable of Greenberg’s claims to his former friend is Confession letter Obtained by The Daily Beast, who claims that Greenberg paid both him and Gates to have sex with this teen while he was a minor. Greenberg added that he saw the act “directly” and paid the woman on behalf of Gates.

Many important claims in the letter seemed to be in line with the details of the judicial transaction. First, in a letter Greenberg wrote quoting “Anonymous Tips,” the former tax collector specified the date when he learned that his teen was a minor: September 2017. Four days.

“Immediately I called a parliamentarian, warning him to stay away from him and letting him know that she was a minor,” Greenberg wrote. “He was similarly shocked and disturbed by this revelation.”

It seems that the date has been confirmed in the judicial transaction.

“Around 1:29 pm on September 4, 2017, Greenberg searched for minors because they believed they were under the age of 18,” a court document said.

Greenberg’s timeline in the confession letter is now in the hands of federal agents, but appears to be confirmed by internal computer records recording the search for minors. If Gates’ legal strategy is in line with his PR strategy of damaging Greenberg’s credibility, the exact date and time Greenberg learned that the girl was angry, phone logs, and Greenberg’s teenager. A confession that claims to be age and soon called Gates.

If Greenberg really knew the girl’s age that day and immediately called Gates, the conversation should appear in Greenberg’s call log. It would be very difficult for Gates’ legal team to explain.

One of the most obvious from the plea bargain is that the investigator has a Greenberg call record. They record the exact date Greenberg called or sent a text message to a 17-year-old child at the time.

Gates’ own phone Reportedly confiscated last DecemberAs it was Phone belonging to his ex-girlfriendAccording to another alleged participant in the Greenberg ring, who is considering signing her own exemption contract. Politico..

The judicial transaction has not been nominated by members of parliament or anyone else, but says that many have paid for sex with a 17-year-old. If that is correct, others in the alleged sex ring may have their own story to share.

Judging from the judicial transaction, Greenberg is not the ultimate target of the investigation. The essence of plea bargaining shows that federal agents are looking elsewhere, and Greenberg and others involved can be valuable witnesses.

Greenberg pleased six charges with a minimum of 12 years in prison, but faced 33 charges and decades of imprisonment. Of course, Greenberg is not a completely reliable source of information. Gates quickly pointed it out in his defense.

However, given that Greenberg still reached a favorable agreement (the prosecutor persuaded him to file 27 out of 33 charges in exchange for his cooperation), investigators independently corroborate valuable information. It is highly possible that it was possible.

The judicial transaction also states that “others” and “other men” also had sex with a 17-year-old girl. All of them may be facing prosecution, but they may also be potential witnesses to Gates. That is, he may not be the only witness, as there is a problem with the witness as Greenberg does.

In a letter of confession, Greenberg said he wasn’t the only one to have sex with a 17-year-old child.

“This minor individual has been involved in sexual activity at home with several other women, myself, and a member of Parliament in Salient, Florida,” Greenberg wrote.

Disgraceful tax authorities also wrote in his confession that the age of the victim “warned” him because many of his friends were legally exposed.

“I knew this could cause problems for many people,” he said.

According to the plea, Greenberg also frequently “tried to disguise” payments to women “as” school-related “expenses or other living expenses.” Court documents include three examples of euphemistic notes: “school,” “ice cream,” and “food,” the latter of which is one of Greenberg’s payments to minors. It has been specified.The payment notes, dates, and amounts match those of The Daily Beast’s previous ones. report Of transaction.

However, judicial transactions contradict confession in one important way. Greenberg no longer denies that he broke the law. In a letter of confession, a former county official said, “There was absolutely no rational way for a rational person to know that this person was not yet 18 years old,” Gates knows the true age of the girl. “I was similarly shocked and disturbed,” he added.

But on his plea, Greenberg admits that when he had sex with her at least seven times, he had a “reasonable opportunity” to observe that she was a minor. Plea is the months of personal interaction between Greenberg and the girl: text, phone calls, physical encounters, and Greenberg watching her have sex with others. I am quoting.

At a press conference after the hearing on Monday, Greenberg’s defense lawyer Fritz Scheller was asked what value Greenberg could offer to prosecutors.Correspondingly, Scheller told reporters Judicial transaction..

“I encourage all of you to read the judicial transaction,” Scheller said. “If you read a judicial transaction, it will show you what the road is.”

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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