How Kamala Harris builds his path as Vice President without casting a shadow over Biden

President Joe Biden was minutes before his first speech to the joint session of the United States. His prepared remarks called on him to say that he “ask the Vice President to take the lead” in efforts to get his infrastructure plan through.

But as Biden lined up, he shifted to face Kamala Harris, who was sitting on his pedestal, and added the phrase “if she did.”

“Of course,” Harris replied, but Biden turned around and showed confidence in her, saying, “I know it can be achieved.”

The plea turned his attention to Harris for a moment.Being the first black man, first woman, and first person of South Asian descent in the office elected in the second highest election, whether she wants it or not Already put An extraordinary amount of focus on the Vice President.

Brian Brokaw, a former political adviser and campaign manager for Harris, said: “I think she’ll probably be featured more than anyone in recent history, at least at this stage of the administration, more than any vice president, but she’s ahead of anyone there. Hmm.”

Harris, like most Vice Presidents, had to carefully open up his role as a credible presidential adviser, considered a team player inside and outside the White House. All projects she undertakes must be seen as advancing the president’s priorities, and under any circumstances she is trying to cover up Biden or be in a position to run for president. you can not.

“The key to success for the Vice-President is to focus on the present and not on the future,” said Joel Goldstein, an honorary law professor and vice-president expert at the University of St. Louis. Stated. “When people speculate about the future, it causes problems for the Vice President.”

In the interview, Harris’ senior aide emphasizes the Vice President’s efforts to formulate policies in line with the President’s agenda and the inclusion of overlooked and marginalized groups. I talked about. They said these efforts were manifested in the COVID relief package and the Vice President’s efforts to pay attention to the decline in the number of women in the workforce.

Rohini Kosogur, Harris’s domestic policy adviser, said: ..

Harris’s Chief Economic Advisor, Michael Pile, said the Vice President’s team worked closely with the President’s team to develop proposals for essential workers and children. As a result, tax credits for childless workers, who stated that they were “the center of the bailout plan,” were increased, and tax credits for families with children were increased.

“What I really keep in mind in the relief program is a kind of distinctive achievement in the formation of her policy outcomes that bring concrete benefits to people,” said Pile.

Harris is often in the room with Biden for briefings and major announcements. But more and more she is paving her way, traveling alone domestically and meeting foreign officials alone. She met with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the White House in April prior to the meeting with Biden.

She made her first international trip as Vice President, a solo visit in June, to meet the leaders of Mexico and Guatemala on curbing the migration of citizens, which is causing major problems at the southern border of the United States. I am preparing to do it.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki of Harris Work on the transition And Her altitude The issue of vaccine repellent is that the Vice President “identifies people who are not always listening and that there is someone in the White House who has a seat at the table speaking on behalf of those communities. This is an example of “confirm”.

Harris also brings his own perspective as a former prosecutor and attorney general, Saki said in an interview. “You can see it the way she asks questions at the meeting and the way she claims at the meeting.”

Harris’s Challenge

Harris told her in a CNN interview this month related to the first 100 days after taking office, despite Biden’s “very different life experience” and similar values ​​and principles. I looked back on my choice as Vice President.

“But I know he was very intentional in that it asked me to run with him and serve with him. It’s an overall decision we make. It’s about bringing a perspective that contributes, “Harris said. ..

Brokau said he hopes Harris will appear in her public as the pandemic eases.

“I think she will become more and more visible as the country continues to open,” he said. “I think we will continue to see her being strong on both the president’s side and herself.”

Goldstein of St. Louis University says Harris is still trying to determine what is the right balance between being a behind-the-scenes adviser to the president and taking on a high-profile public mission. Stated.

“One of the challenges of becoming Vice President Vice President is that much of what you do is done behind the scenes and it remains behind the scenes,” he said. “When you meet the president or in the process of making policy decisions, you make some claims, but once a decision is made, your job is to help you do it, and your role really trusts the president and the administration. Is to give, don’t try to claim credit yourself. “

Goldstein said that the best thing Jimmy Carter’s Vice President Walter Mondale could do to establish a modern approach to his role and promote their political future is in the administration. He said he set the tone to help him succeed. Harris spoke to Mondale this month a few days before he died.

Harris, 56, who fought for president before joining Biden with a ticket last year, is widely expected to run for the White House again.

“Thanks to Biden’s age, he will definitely be the first president, which means Harris will become more and more prominent later in Biden’s term,” author and historian Ron Chernow said. Chernow said in an email.

“He needs to give her some independent portfolio (some big and rewarding work) so that she doesn’t always look like she’s standing in his shadow, both figuratively and literally. I think there is, “he added.

Biden hands Harris Migration issues Charnau said it was a good start.

Goldstein said Biden’s giving Harris such a difficult problem was a signal that he was confident in her.

“If you’re getting easier with the Vice President feeling a good kind of problem, it’s probably really hard and shows that the President is looking at other people,” he says. I did.

The relationship between Biden and Harris is described by current and former aides as truly warm, linking the memories of the president’s late son, Beau Biden.

They had previously served in the Senate at different times and came from different generations, but were described as respecting each other. By the way, as proven Biden regularly seeks opinions from Harris.

“You can really see them consulting with each other and making decisions,” Psaki said.

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