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Meet Mackenzie Newcom, which sells $ 15,000 in New York weddings on TikTok

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo by Tik Tok After a proposal by Stephanie Davidson’s fiancée last August, she was excited to start planning her wedding. Until she realized she hated the process, “it’s not as fun as people see it,” said Davidson, a 27-year-old Queens nursing student. “I [my fiancé] Chris, “I want someone to plan everything for me and make all the decisions.” He said, “What are you, Kim Kardashian?” Davidson this week That dream was partially realized when he saw TikTok created by Mackenzie Newcom. Mackenzie Newcom is currently trying to market a fully planned wedding, but will not attend. Fortunately, there is no big drama with the groom (although Newcom admitted to The Daily Beast that “I think some people wanted it”). Newcom, the owner of the popular online book club, has a happy marriage with her husband Ben. They chose to abandon the trendy Brooklyn Garden Ceremony after leaving New York last summer. The difficult months of the months, including Ben’s father and Newcom’s grandparents fighting a long COVID, urged them to reassess their priorities together. That’s why the couple chose to tie a knot last summer at an intimate backyard ceremony near where Newcom grew up on the South Shore, Massachusetts. The bride is wearing the dress she bought on that occasion, and her grandmother, an Episcopal minister, was in charge of the case. Guests ate with lobster and caviar sent by Newcom’s old boss. It was perfect. “I already had this gorgeous, personal and incredibly aesthetically pleasing wedding, so I don’t have to do it again,” Newcom said. “It was a year of extreme ups and downs in our lives. And this second wedding doesn’t feel like me anymore. From another era, it feels like someone else. However, Newcom was still obsessed with the September 18 date and spent about $ 23,000 on a ceremony of 80 people at a modern Italian restaurant called Milk & Rose (Newcom has its budget). $ 10,000 is said to have been a gift from her mother.) Everything is set. The flower arrangement that Newcom said has a “secret garden” theme. A photographer with an LGBTQ friendly portfolio. And DJ, an all-female company who “agrees not to play a man with problems”. Sounds like a night to remember. Newcom is eager to take over to another couple. “I’m already married, so thinking about it brings me fear,” she said. “I want to go on my honeymoon or plan a trip to the Philippines.” Newcom’s father spent the past few months urging her to sell it on Craigslist. She first said, “Dad, it doesn’t matter, people don’t.” Then a member of Newcom’s reading club suggested she shoot TikTok. She wanted to feel that it was “intentionally cheap and cliché”, but that’s right. Newcom has never seen a commercial for the iconic Grand Prospect Hall, where Michael Halkias and his wife Alice promised to “make your dreams come true” at the Brooklyn venue. But her TikTok has a similar mood. (Halkais died of COVID last May.) The video worked: Halcom is currently receiving about 12 “serious offers” from a couple in the city. Newcom is willing to sell her wedding at a loss as long as she goes to a couple in New York who might otherwise not be able to afford it-she demands only $ 15,000- .. (On average, a Brooklyn wedding returns one about $ 46,000, so $ 15,000 is a steal.) There are some basic rules. Newcomb plans and promotes a wedding of 80 people, but couples need to understand that the COVID capacity rules are still possible. Effective by September, the guest list will be limited to 50 people. Couples can’t get a new photographer, DJ, or florist because the vendor is set as part of the stone and price. (Newcom woven chuppah, a canopy with a Jewish couple standing underneath during the ceremony, into a flower budget to respect her husband’s faith, but if the couple is not Jewish, chuppah It can be changed to another flower arrangement. Newcom also revealed that the winning couple should pay the full amount, or at most two installments, as she asks a lawyer to consider all contracts. Everything is legally honest. “After all, this is a commercial transaction,” said Newcom. “I’m not trying to get more than $ 15,000 or less. It’s just At a price, I’m not going to raise it because of inflation just because people are interested. “But she can be upset by a couple who has a” cute story “.” One couple Reached out. They were Brooklyn lesbians, had children and never got married, “said Newcom.” Now they want my wedding. I. “I’m crazy about that idea.” One bride was told by Newcom to invite her to the ceremony. “I really don’t want to go, but I’m definitely a spy during cocktail hours. Check out, drink floristry, take pictures, and go out for dinner with friends, “she said.” It feels funny. “Newcom follows the winning couple recording their wedding. She added that if she could make an up TikTok, she liked it. “They don’t have to have a lot of followers, I just want to watch the video,” she said. If the bride was size 10, Newcom said she would also “throw” her wedding dress. Why? Davidson saw Newcom’s Tik Tok video and immediately before consulting his fiancé. He communicated the offer to Newcom. (He has since been informed about the outlook and feels “really really excited.”) The two are taking a full-time break before returning to school. They got engaged on Long Island last summer. They roamed the Planting Fields Tree Garden, a former golden-era mansion with more than 400 acres of gardens. I want to spend my first anniversary and go home as much as possible. Courtesy Stephanie Davidson Davidson had the feeling that he might end his long weekend with a proposal. Just in case, I got a green manicure in the forest. “I knew a bit that it would happen, but I was still barking,” said Davidson. Nursing schools, where Davidson was accepted on the day the city of New York was closed in March, have prevented her from properly planning her wedding. She loves Newcoms in Brooklyn and wants to get married there, but feels the venue is “outrageously expensive.” What else does Davidson like about this offer? “Oh, she said something about the DJ that let me know that we have a similar mood. She said her DJ didn’t play the man in question — That’s amazing, Chris Brown [abuse allegations] I came out and had a broken heart. I loved him, but I could never hear him again. So I don’t have to worry about it. The place and the DJ really sold me. “This answered my prayer,” said Davidson. “I don’t want to raise my hopes, so I try not to get too excited. But I’m where I do whatever it takes.” Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. 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