How many Americans have coronavirus antibodies?Blood donation shows that the majority do


Over 80% of Americans Have a coronavirus antibody Obtained by infection or vaccination, according to a new study of over 1.4 million blood donations across the United States

Published in the journal JAMA on Thursday, the study included blood samples of Americans over the age of 16 collected by 17 different organizations from all 50 states in Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. Donations make up 74% of the US population, according to researchers.

It is estimated that between July and December 2020, before the vaccine became available, the proportion of Americans aged 16 and over with infectious coronavirus antibodies surged from 3.5% to 11.5%. By May 2021, the proportion of Americans with infectious antibodies had increased to about 20%.

However, when researchers combined a number of people with antibodies from either infection or vaccination, they found that about 83% of Americans acquired them. (Federal health authorities approved the first COVID-19 vaccine on December 14, 2020).

Hispanics and blacks are most likely to have antibodies to the infection, a finding consistent with case trends since the outbreak of the pandemic. However, by May 2021, more Asians and Caucasians had coronavirus antibodies from either infection or vaccination. This is probably because these groups were vaccinated at a higher rate than Hispanics and blacks.

Studies have shown that adults over the age of 65 are least likely to have antibodies to the infection. Researchers say the data can be explained by a weak immune system that is unable to develop antibodies, or greater participation in COVID-19 preventive behaviors such as physical distance and wearing masks, compared to younger people. ..

Researchers say the analysis was done before the delta variant became predominant in the United States and caused a fourth wave of infection. More people have been vaccinated since the data collection, suggesting that estimates in the study may be higher than reported.

is more than 175.5 million Americans are fully vaccinated According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracker, as of September 3, it is about 53% of the total population.

The study also excluded blood donations from people under the age of 16. This means that much remains unclear about the prevalence of antibodies in young people.

Researchers said the study would continue until at least December 2021. The results will be posted on the CDC website.

is more than 39.6 million people infected with coronavirus As of September 3, Johns Hopkins trackers in the United States have shown that nearly 645,000 people have died.