How Men Suffering After Abortion; College Boots Students To Refuse Boosters

The very emotional debate over abortion is usually the choice between women’s rights and fetal rights. Almost completely excluded from the discussion is the father, who is an important party. Greg Mayo survives it and opens up about the trauma that men can suffer after an abortion, a trauma that is barely recognized by society. Mayonnaise is a speaker and “Almost daddy” A novel and now a recovery guide for men.He also participates in the men’s task force Post-abortion support..

You can access any of the above links for resources. Post-abortion support also provides a 24/7 confidential help hotline: 844-289-HOPE

Next, in an American Q & A, we’ll find out if people across the country believe that abortion can be traumatic for men.

Next, Elip Entes, a sophomore at Union University, responded badly to her COVID-19 vaccine. So when it came time for a compulsory booster, she applied for a medical exemption. What is the reaction of the administration? They rejected her request and gave her three days to go packing her.

Finally, in a second American Q & A, look at what people think about this student’s story and ask people across the country if boosters are a must if someone reacts badly to a COVID shot. increase.

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