How monks won one of the most prestigious awards in the culinary world without restaurants or customers


Jeong Kwan, who won the 50 Best Restaurants Icon Award in Asia this year, has fascinated the world of cooking without the name of one Michelin star, restaurant or customer.

After his mother’s death, Kwan went to the temple at the age of 17 and went to the temple. Started her way To a monk. In her new home, she learned the art of temple cooking: a culinary style that prioritizes maintaining the purity of all culinary ingredients.

“Temple food is the link between physical and mental energy,” Kwan said. CNN.. “It is to maximize taste and nutrition from plant-based ingredients with limited or additional seasonings.”

Cooking without spicy herbs such as meat, dairy, fish, chives, leeks, and garlic, Kwan skillfully uses natural processes such as fermentation to create a brightly flavored palette.

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“It’s a natural work. It’s magical to change the energy of the original ingredients by fermenting. The picked radish no longer has the energy of the radish, but they take in the energy of the radish. Use fermented sauce to harmonize our bodies. “

From slices of Korean pears sprinkled with herbs and savory citrus sauce to shiitake mushrooms sprinkled with 5-year-old soy sauce and fermented berry juice, all Kwan dishes are made from scratch using ingredients from the temple garden. It has been.

She eventually became a highly respected chef, albeit by accident, and was praised by culinary giants such as Eric Ripert and René Redzepi.The monk New York Times As a “philosopher chef,” he has also appeared in Netflix’s “Chef’s Table” episode.

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But for Kwan, cooking is not a means of bringing fame and luck. It is a spiritual medium.

“It’s very important to understand that she’s not a chef like us,” said a fellow Buddhist repertoire. 50 Best Restaurants in the World.. “She is for her [cooking] It’s a way to practice Buddhism, a way to practice what she learns every day and what she wants to share with the world. “

While Kwan received the award, it was “Raise awareness of temple food and further advance Korean food around the world. ”

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“We are aware of the difficulties caused by the pandemic and hope that the situation will improve so we can meet again to share food and positive energy,” she added. I added.

Featured image via 50 Best Restaurant TV

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